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MUSC Wellness Center

Women on Weights

Women on Weights


Fee: Members $160, Non-members $240.00

(4 week program with meetings 2 times per week)
This program is designed to educate and familiarize women on how to properly use weight training exercises to effectively improve

•    Strength
•    Coordination
•    Balance
•    Core control

Engaging in weight training on a regular basis has not only been proven to help people lose weight, it also been proven to reduce the painful symptoms of arthritis and help slow the declines in muscle mass and bone loss that come with aging.
Sign up at the membership desk at the Wellness Center.  This is a small group personal training program and is for healthy individuals who are injury free and without major physical limitations.

Classes are ongoing Tuesday and Thursday from 8 am to 9 am.

Please contact Dwight Gore at for more information and to check availability.



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