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PURPOSE:  The University Humanities Committee was formed in September 1978 as a University-level standing committee, to devise means for integrating the humanities more fully with the total educational program at MUSC.1


  1. To examine the role of the humanities in the education of health professionals at MUSC.
  2. To promote curricular and extra curricular activities enabling all MUSC students to increase competence in clinical, professional, and social ethics, to reflect on the history and philosophy of their professions, and to foster humanistic attitudes and values in the practice of their professions.
  3. To develop within the University a broadly based cadre of faculty and staff who participate in the interprofessional teaching of ethics and medical humanities, and encourage their continuing education in these disciplines.

1 A dynamic definition of the humanities is found in The Humanities in American Life (1980).

The humanities presume particular methods of expression and inquiry – language, dialogue, reflection, imagination, and metaphor.  In the humanities, the aims of these activities of mind are not geometric proof and quantitative measure, but rather insight, perspective, critical understanding, discrimination, and creativity.  These aims are not unique to the humanities, but are found in other fields, in images from arts, and in forms of expression created by film, television, and computers.  No matter how large their circle, however, the humanities remain dedicated to the development of verbal, conceptual, and imaginative skills needed to understand experience.

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