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Fellowship in Clinical and Translational Research Ethics Program Application Process

To apply for the Fellowship, health care professionals or those training in a health care profession who are interested in clinical and translational research ethics must complete an application form, which is available online or through the Institute of Human Values in Health Care office (Collette Mayes: 843-876-4845;

When applications are received in the Institute of Human Values in Health Care office, they are reviewed by the Admissions Committee of the Fellowship. Applicants who are accepted for the Fellowship will be notified by the Admissions Committee of their acceptance.  After notification, those who wish to receive academic credit for the course work of the Fellowship Program must also register through the MUSC Office of Enrollment Management at current enrollment fees. Those who do not want academic credit need enroll only through the Institute office (not through the Office of Enrollment Management).

Admissions Committee:
Robert Sade, M.D. (Chair)
Daniel Lackland, DrPH
Andrea Boan, PhD

Collette Mayes (Staff)



Application Process
ETH 750
ETH 789
ETH 738
ETH 705
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