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Thomas Pitts Lectureship 2011

The Thomas Pitts Lectureship, now in its eighteenth year, has explored a wide range of bioethical issues, each year inclining toward one of its many interfaces: legal-bioethical, social-bioethical, and policy-bioethical. This year’s conference, entitled “The Health Care Reform Law (PPACA): Controversies in Ethics and Policy,” leans toward the policy-bioethical as it explores issues related to health care reform.

This year’s faculty is particularly outstanding.  The eight speakers are nationally and internationally respected thinkers and writers on the specific topics they address.  As the Institute has done with the previous Pitts Lectureships, the proceedings of the conference will be published as a symposium in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Law, Medicine, & Ethics. 


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Thomas Antley Pitts, II, M.D. (1893-1991)