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Thomas A Pitts Memorial Lectureship in Medical Ethics


Perspectives of Alzheimer's Disease: Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues

Jonathan Haines, PhD
Mary W. Sheldon, MD
Jacobo Mintzer, MD
Annette Leibing, PhD
Robert H. Blank, PhD
Dena Davis, JD, PhD
Elaine Amella, PhD
Jason Karlawish, MD
Elinor Fuches, PhD


Controversies in Clinical Research

Mark Cherry, PhD
Susan Ellenberg, MA, PhD
John Lantos, MD
Margaret R. Moon, MD, MPH
Robert Nussbaum, MD
Rosamond Rhodes, PhD
Lowell E. Schnipper, MD
Udo Schuklenk, PhD
Robert Schwartz, JD
Lois Shepherd, JD
Susan M. Wolf, JD
Mark Yarborough, PhD


Dangerous to Stay, Dangerous to Leave: Ethical and Legal Issues in Domestic Violence

Jacquelyn C. Campbell, PhD, RN
Peggy E. Goodman, MD
Pamela Jacobs, JD
Jane M. Liebschutz, MD, MPH
Alyssa A. Rheingold, PhD
Peter Romary, JD
The Honorable Ellen S. Steinberg, JD
Cassandra L. Woosley, JD


Ethical and Legal Issues in Pediatrics

Melissa Wasserstein, MD
Norman Fost, MD, MPH
Stan L. Block, MD
Douglas Diekema, MD, MPH
Michael T. Brady, MD
J. Steven Svoboda, JD
Minoo Kavarana, MD
Eric Graham, MD


 Brain Science in the 21ST Century:
Clinical Controversies and Ethical Implications

Jonathan Edwards, MD
Joe DeLamielleure
Robert Adams, MD
Wally Smith, MD
Ronald Acierno, PhD
Mark Hamner, MD
Peter Tuerk, PhD
Nicholas Avgeropoulos, MD
Michael K. Gusmano, PhD


The Health Care Reform Law (PPACA):  Controversies in Ethics and Policy

Allan Brett, MD
John Geyman, MD
Ronald Hamowy, PhD
Paul T. Menzel, PhD
Robert Moffitt, PhD
Len Nichols, PhD
James Taylor, PhD
Griffin Trotter, MD, PhD


From Laboratory to Bedside:
Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues
in Translational Research

Mark Bernstein MD
Benj. Djulbegovic MD PhD
Scott D. Halpern MD PhD
Gail E. Henderson PhD
Charles W. Lidz PhD
Franklin G. Miller PhD
Nathan Nobis PhD
Dario Ringach PhD

The Graying of America:
Challenges & Controversies

Daniel Callahan, PhD
P. Dilworth-Anderson PhD
Muriel Gillick MD
David A. Gruenewald MD
Yale Kamisar JD
William F. May PhD
Thomas P. Miller JD
Timothy E. Quill MD

Conundrums & Controversies
in Mental Health & Illness

Raymond F. Anton MD
Joseph D. Bloom MD
Mark J. Cherry PhD
M. Carmela Epright PhD
Rikki Lynn Halavonich MD
Robert Kinscherff PhD, JD
Robert L.M. Phillips MD
Jeffrey A. Schaler PhD
Howard V. Zonana MD

Dangerous Liasons?
Industry Relations with Health Professionals

Paul Anthony MD, MPH
Howard Brody MD, PhD
Sigrid Fry-Revere JD, PhD
Harry B. Greenberg MD
Peter Lurie MD, MPH
Bruce W. Lytle MD
Paul H. Rubin PhD
Lance K. Stell PhD
Matthew Wynia MD MPH

Religions & Cultures of East & West
Perspectives on Bioethics

Shahid Athar MD
S. Cromwell Crawford PhD
Russell Kirkland PhD
William LaFleur PhD
Andrew Lustig PhD
Laurie Zoloth PhD

Reflection on Emerging Technologies
at the Centennial of Organ Transplantation

Troyen A. Brennan MD
H.T. Engelhardt PhD, MD
Gary Francoine JD
Albert Jonsen PhD
Edwin Locke PhD
Carlo Montemagno PhD
Robert M. Sade MD
Monique Spillman MD, PhD
Robert Truog MD

Defining the Beginning and
the End of Human Life:
Implications for Ethics, Policy & Law

James L. Bernat MD
David DeGrazia PhD
George Khushf PhD
Donald Marquis PhD
William F. May PhD
Jeff McMahan PhD
Lynn M. Morgan PhD
Bonnie Steinbock PhD

When People Attack People: Ethics
 Law & Policy of Violence

Lillian R. BeVier JD
Dean Kilpatrick PhD
Stephen Morse JD, PhD
Lance Stell PhD
Deborah Prothrow-Stith MD
Frans de Waal PhD
David Wasserman JD
Franklin E. Zimring JD

Alternative Medical Systems: Here to Stay
But on What Terms?

Kathleen Boozang JD, LLD
Ruiping Fan PhD
Randall Holcombe PhD
Henry L. Miller MS, MD
E. Haavi Morreim PhD
Gary Nestler DA, DOM
Kenneth Pelletier PhD
Stephen Schabel MD
Lawrence Schneiderman MD
Jeremy Sugarman MD

HIV/AIDS as an Epidemic: Ethical Issues
at the 20th Anniversary

Donald Ainslie PhD
Ronald Bayer PhD
Charles S. Bryan MD
Lawrence O. Gostin JD
David Kelley PhD
Jan F. Narveson PhD
Samuel H. Nelson PhD
Stephen B. Thomas PhD

Power Over Information, Power to Decide:
Paternalism & Autonomy in Health Care

Ronald Bailey
H.T. Engelhardt PhD, MD
Lawrence Gostin JD
Sherman A. James PhD
Karen Labacqz PhD
David J. Rothman PhD
Alfred I. Tauber MD
Beverly Woodward PhD

Revisiting the First Four Years
Where are we Today?

Stuart J. Youngner, MD
William Winslade JD, PhD
E. Haavi Morrein PhD
Rosemary Tong PhD

Women's Health Issues


Eileen Hoffman MD
Mary B. Mahowald PhD
Carol S. Weisman PhD

Ethical Issues of Managed Care

Louis L. Brunetti MD, JD
E. Haavi Morrein PhD
Daniel Sulmasty MD, PhD

Dying in America: Choices at the End of Life

Daniel Callahan PhD
William Winslade JD, PhD
Timothy Quill MD
Mark Siegler MD



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Thomas Antley Pitts, II, M.D. (1893-1991)