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Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Janardan Pandey, PhD

Pandey PictureProfessor
Microbiology & Immunology

1972  Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison

Contact Info
Tel: 843-792-4360
BSB 753A-B

Research Interests

The primary focus of my laboratory is directed towards understanding the mechanisms underlying the involvement of immunoglobulin Fc (GM) and Fcgamma receptor genes in immunity to various malignant and infectious diseases.  These studies are supported in part by grants and contracts from the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense.

Recent Publications | Additional Publications

Pandey JP, Namboodiri AM. Genetic variants of IgG1 antibodies and FcgRIIIa receptors influence the magnitude of antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity against prostate cancer cells. OncoImmunology 2014; 3:e27317.

Pandey JP, Kistner-Griffin E, Black L, Namboodiri AM, Iwasaki M, Kasuga Y, Hamada GS, Tsugane S.  IGKC and FcgR genotypes and humoral immunity to HER2 in breast cancerImmunobiology 2014; 219:113-117.

Pandey JPGenetic etiology of schizophrenia: possible role of immunoglobulin g genesPsychiatr Genet 2014; 24:83-86.

Pandey JP, Namboodiri AM, Ohue Y, Oka M, Nakayama E.  Genetic variants of immunoglobulin g and k chains influence humoral immunity to the cancer-testis antigen XAGE-1b (GAGED2a) in patients with non-small cell lung cancerClin Exp Immunol 2014; 176:78-83.

Pandey JP, Kistner-Griffin E, Namboodiri AM, Iwasaki M, Kasuga Y, Hamada GS, Tsugane S.  Higher levels of antibodies to the tumor-associated antigen cyclin B1 in cancer-free individuals than in patients with breast cancer Clin Exp Immunol 2014; 178:75-78.

Pandey JP, Namboodiri AM.  Immunoglobulin GM and FcgRIIIa genotypes influence cytotoxicity of neuroblastoma cells.  J Neuroimmunol 2014; 270:95–97.

Pandey JP, Kaur N, Costa S, Amorim J, Nabico R, Linhares P, Vaz R, Viana-Pereir M, Reis RM. Immunoglobulin genes implicated in glioma riskOncoImmunology 2014; 3:e28609.

Pandey JP. Immunoglobulin GM genes, cytomegalovirus immunoevasion, and the risk of glioma, neuroblastoma, and breast cancer. Front Oncol 2014; 4:236.

Pandey JP, Kistner-Griffin E, Radwan FF, Kaur N, Namboodiri AM, Black L, Butler MA, Carreon T, Ruder AM.  Immunoglobulin genes influence the magnitude of humoral immunity to cytomegalovirus glycoprotein B. J Infect Dis 2014; 210:1823-1826.

Pandey JP, Kistner-Griffin E, Radwan FF, Kaur N, Namboodiri AM, Black L, Butler MA, Carreon T, Ruder AM.  Endogenous antibody responsiveness to epidermal growth factor receptor is associated with immunoglobulin allotypes and with overall survival of patients with glioblastoma Neuro-Oncology 2014; doi:10.1093/neuonc/nou298.

Research Support

NIH 07/01/2012-06/30/2015

Genetic Modifiers of Immune Evasion by Cytomegalovirus in Glioblastoma

NIH (HHSN272201000025C)
Population Genetics Analysis Program
Sub Project: Immunoglobulin Allotypes and Immune Response to Smallpox Vaccine
(A subcontract via Mayo Clinic)

Avon Foundation 01/01/2014-12/31/2015
(Grant No. 02-2013-074)
Role of IGHG, IGKC, and FcgR Genes in the Generation of Immunity to Cytomegalovirus and in Modulating Viral Immunoevasion Strategies in Breast Cancer

NIH/NIAID 12/01/2014-11/30/2015
(A subcontract through Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc.)
GM Allotypes and Human Monoclonal Antibodies Against HIV

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