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Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Past News and Events

Drs. Tomlinson and Atkinson Awarded NIH/NIAID U01 Grant (June 2017)

Dr. Jiang Awarded NIAID R01 (June 2017)

Dr. Eric Bartee Receives 2017 MUSC Developing Scholar Award (June 2017)

Dr. Schmidt Presented at ASM Microbe 2017 (June 2017)

Dr. Schmidt: Presentation at MUSC’s Science Café – Our Newest Organ (May 2017)

Dr. Li’s Work featured in May 2017 Online Cover of Science Immunology and EurekAlert! (May 2017)

Dr. Paulos’ Work with Novel T Cell Immunotherapies Highlighted MUSC’s Newsroom (May 2017)

Dr. Schmidt: Presentation at MUSC’s Science Café – Our Newest Organ (May 2017)

Dr. Soloff Awarded DOD Concept Award (May 2017)

Dr. Tomlinson Receives SCTR Discover Grant (May 2017)\

Dr. Bartee Awarded ACS Grant (April 2017)

Dr. Schmidt Received 2017 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Scientific Awareness (April 2017)

Drs. Yu and Guo Awarded Project Leadership on HCC Pilot PPG (April 2017)

M&I Junior Faculty Recognized at a University Research Council Luncheon (April 2017)

Dr. Atkinson to Represent M&I at ISHLT and ATS 2017 (April 2017)

Dr. Tomlinson Receives R21/R33 from NIH/NINDS (March 2017)

T32 - Program in Immunology Research and Entrepreneurship to start 07/01/2017 (March 2017)

Moesin’s Potential as Therapeutic Target Reported in JCI and Highlighted in eCancerNews and EurekAlert (March 2017)

M&I Will Be Well Represented at IMMUNOLOGY 2017™ (March 2017)

Members of the Paulos Laboratory Received Travel Awards to the Keystone Symposia in Cancer Immunotherapy (March 2017)

The Department of Microbiology & Immunology Highlighted in COM Weekly Update (March 2017)

Dr. Zihai Li and Ms. Alessandra Metelli Appear in EurekAlert! Article about a Novel Cancer Immunotherapy (January 2017)

Dr. Schmidt Highlighted in YouTube Video about the Healthcare Benefits of Copper Surfaces (January 2017)

Welcome New M&I Faculty Member – Jeff Hammerbacher (January 2017)

Dr. Tomlinson Received a Pilot Award from CHP’s Subcontract with University of Delaware (November 2016)

Dr. Nadig Lead-Off Speaker at the Fourth Annual TEDxCharleston (November 2016)

Dr. J. Wu’s Studies on Targeting Soluble NKG2D Ligand Soluble MIC for Cancer Immunotherapy Highlighted in a SITC Article (November 2016)

Dr. C. Voelkel-Johnson’s Work with Adoptive T cell Immunotherapy Highlighted in EurekAlert! (November 2016)

Dr. May Participates in U.S. Department of Energy and Department of Defense Workshops in Washington, DC (November 2016)

Dr. Tomlinson - Patent Granted (September 2016)

Dr. Bartee Awarded R21 from NIAID (September 2016)

Ms. Cloud Accepted into the College of Medicine Management Development Program (September 2016)

New T32 Trainees – Drs. Iwanowycz and Nelson (September 2016)

Oral Presentation and Travel Awards for the Society of Immunotherapy Meeting (September 2016)

Dr. Tomlinson Awarded Grants From SC-SCIRF and NIH (August 2016)

Dr. Schmidt’s Expertise Highlighted in an Article in The Wall Street Journal (August 2016)

Dr. Li Talks Immunotherapy in MUSC Newsroom Article (August 2016)

Dr. Atkinson Granted Sub-Award to SBIR/STTR R43 Grant (August 2016)

Dr. Schmidt Served on an Expert Panel Regarding the Zika Virus (July 2016)

Dr. Daenthanasanmak receives PRCRP Horizon Award from DOD (June 2016)

Dr. Johnson Awarded Funding for Pilot Project from the Lipidomics and Pathobiology COBRE (June 2016)

Dr. Wu Recently Awarded Two R01 Grants (June 2016)

Dr. Wu to give a Keynote Speech (June 2016)

Dr. Yang awarded U01 grant from NIH/NIAID (June 2016)

Dr. Bei Liu Receives R01 from NIH/NCI  (June 2016)

Drs. Guo and Liu receive AAI Travel Grants for the International Congress of Immunology (ICI) 2016 (May 2016)

Dr. Aziz Haque received approval for a SCIRF 2 Year Award (May 2016)

Dr. Stephen Tomlinson Elected to the National Academy of Inventors (March 2016)

Dr. Christina Voelkel-Johnson Appears in EurekAlert and STAT, a Blog for Progressnotes (March 2016)

Dr. Michael Schmidt Presented at the SCTR Institute Lunch N Learn Event (March 2016)

Highlights in Education (March 2016)

Departmental NIH Ranking improved from #79 in 2009 to #39 in 2015 (March 2016)

Remembering Dr. Philippe Arnaud (February 2016)

Dr. Zihai Li Receives R01 from NIDDK (December 2015)

Dr. Jennifer Wu Awarded SCTR Institute & MUSC FRD Technology Development Grant (December 2015)

Dr. Feng Hong receives $30,000 ACS-IRG Award (December 2015)

HCC Retreat 2015 Edith Peng Awards for Research Excellence (November 2015)

M&I Faculty Featured in Progressnotes Fall 2015 (November 2015)

Dr. Eric Bartee Receives R01 to Investigate Novel Treatment for Myeloma (November 2015)

SCTR TL1 Traineeships awarded to Three M&I Students (October 2015)

M&I Master’s Students Successfully Defend Thesis Proposals (October 2015)

Dr. Wei Jiang Receives Developing Scholar Award (September 2015)

Dr. Steve Tomlinson Awarded R56 from NIH/NIAID (September 2015)

Dr. Michael Schmidt Appears in Washington Post Article (September 2015)


Drs. Laura Kasman and Cynthia Wright Receive $1.3 Million R25 PREP Training Grant (January 2015)

Student Research Day 2014 Winners

All 4 abstracts submitted from Dr. Xue-ZhongYu's lab received the Achievement Award and 2 of them were selected for oral presentation in the upcoming annual ASH meeting.

Dr. Xue-Zhong Yu's R21 Application Scored in Outstanding Range and will be Awarded on its First Submission

Dr. Steve Tomlinson Named MUSC Inventor of the Year 2014

Labs of Drs. Zihai Li and Bei Liu Unveil Novel Mechanism of Cancer Inflammation (January 2014)

MUSC Moves Up NIH Ranking in Microbiology and Immunology (January 2014)

Dr. Steve Tomlinson Receives Second VA Merit Award (December 2013)

Prominent Recognition for Drs. Jim Norris and Jennifer Wu (September 2013)

Dr. Chrystal Paulos Scores Top Marks on R01 Proposal (July 2012)

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