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Department of Microbiology and Immunology

News...Exceptional R01 Score for Dr. Paulos

Dr. Chrystal Paulos Scores Top Marks on R01 Proposal (July 2012)

Dr. Chrystal Paulos was awarded an R01 from the NCI (her first R01 funded for a five-year period) entitled "Costimulatory mechanisms of antitumor Th17 cell Immunity." The grant received an exceptional score -- impact 20, percentile 4 -- by the Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Study Section. In this grant, her team proposes to understand the costimulatory pathways that lead to durable memory Th17 cells, which hold significant promise in the context of adoptive immunotherapy for mounting prolonged, robust responses against advanced cancers in patients. The mechanistic studies on ICOS signaling of T cell antitumor function, metabolism and memory phenotype will allow the Paulos team to harness those pathways to generate more potent, persistent T cells and elicit prolonged positive patient immune responses against cancer. 

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