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Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Tomlinson Named MUSC Inventor of the Year 2014

Complement Research at MUSC Earns Prominent Recognition as Tomlinson Named MUSC Inventor of the Year (July 2014)

Dr. Stephen Tomlinson was named MUSC inventor of the year by the Foundation for Research Development and was presented with a plaque at the July 10th FRD board meeting where he was presented with a plaque to honor his achievements.Dr. Tomlinson’s research on the complement system has been the foundation for 23 invention disclosures and 86 patent applications in more than 19 countries giving Dr. Tomlinson the largest active patent portfolio at MUSC. In addition, Dr. Tomlinson's early IP was licensed to Taligen Therapeutics, a faculty startup company that was later acquired by a large pharmaceutical company.

Congratulations are also warranted for the recent acceptance of manuscripts by Cell Reports and the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

Dr. Tomlinson's  Cell Reports paper describes a previously unrecognized role for complement in the regulation of anti-tumor immunity in the context of radiation therapy. Using a mouse model of lymphoma, he shows that administration of a complement inhibitor that targets to a tumor significantly improves the outcome of radiation therapy by inducing an anti-tumor immune response. His data indicate that appropriate complement inhibition may be a promising strategy to enhance a mainstay of treatment for cancer.

In  his J. Exp. Med. paper, Dr. Tomlinson demonstrates a novel site-targeted complement inhibitor (CR2-CD59) that specifically inhibits the terminal pathway of complement. It is shown that this inhibitor, unlike other available inhibitors that act earlier in the complement pathway, has the potential to provide a non-toxic protective strategy for both donors and recipients involved in small for size liver transplantation, as well as to extend the limits of tolerable liver resection.



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