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Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Dr. Zihai Li and Ms. Alessandra Metelli Appear in EurekAlert! Article about a Novel Cancer Immunotherapy

Ms. Metelli and Dr. Li, highlighted in EurekAlert!, are first and senior authors respectively on a journal article published in the December 15, 2016 issue of Cancer Research. The article, “Surface Expression of TGFβ Docking Receptor GARP Promotes Oncogenesis and Immune Tolerance in Breast Cancer,” reported that GARP promotes both metastasis and immune suppression effects in breast cancer. The report gives the first clues that GARP could be a diagnostic marker for cancer, creating perhaps an opportunity to develop new treatments. "This discovery is fundamentally important to how TGF-beta utilizes GARP to promote cancer and down-regulate the immune system, but it also creates an opportunity for both diagnostics and therapeutics," said Dr. Li. 


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