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Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Moesin’s Potential as Therapeutic Target Reported in JCI and Highlighted in eCancerNews and EurekAlert

Researchers in the laboratory of Dr. Zihai Li published a manuscript titled, “Membrane-organizing Protein Moesin Controls Treg Differentiation and Antitumor Immunity via TGF-β Signaling,” in The Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI). They report that moesin, a membrane-domain organizing protein, controls Treg function as well as the abundance and stability of TGF-beta receptors on the surface of cells, providing a potential therapeutic target for cancer immunotherapy. This report was highlighted in eCancerNews as well as EurekAlert. The manuscript’s first and corresponding authors are Drs. Ephraim Ansa-Addo and Zihai Li (respectively).


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