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Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Perry V. Halushka MUSC 2017 Research Day Award Winners from M&I


Session 10 Research Specialist-Technician I 
2nd Place     Megan Wyatt     Dr. Chrystal Paulos                                                                           


Session 14 Clinical - Professional - Masters V I
1st Place     Ali Alawieh     Dr. Stephen Tomlinson         

Session 15 PhD IV Years 1-2
1st Place     Hyunwoo Kwon     Dr. Zihai Li   

Session 18  PhD VII  Years 3+
1st Place - Willard and Betty Peterson Award    Stefanie R. Bailey     Dr. Chrystal Paulos

Session 19 Postdoc - Resident - Fellow - Staff Scientist II
1st Place     Stephen Iwanowycz     Dr. Bei Liu

Session 11 Undergraduate II
2nd  Place     Caroline Mart     Dr. Mark Rubinstein

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