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Adult Sport League Subsidies
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Students interested in playing soccer should consider joining either the City of Charleston or Mt. Pleasant Recreation Departments’ adult soccer leagues.  Contact information is listed below.  MUSC students signed up to play in these leagues are eligible for a $15.00 subsidy sponsored by the MUSC SGA.  To receive this subsidy, the student(s) must show proof of being on a roster by presenting their team registration form to the Office of Student Programs.  This form is provided by the recreation department upon entering a league.  Once proof is submitted and accepted, the subsidy will be issued in the amount of $15.00 per student.  Please contact Kevin Smuniewski in the Office of Student Programs for additional information at 792-2693.

For more information on Mt. Pleasant adult soccer leagues, please contact Mt. Pleasant Recreation at 884-2528.  A complete list of sports offered by the Mt. Pleasant Recreation Department can be found by clicking here.

For more information on City of Charleston Adult Soccer, please contact City of Charleston adult sports coordinator, Dave Caruso, at 769-8243,  A complete list of sports offered by the City of Charleston can be found by clicking here.

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