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Southeastern Kidney Disease Consortium

Southeastern Kidney Disease Consortium Inaugural Meeting 2012

The Inaugural SEKDC Meeting was a success! Thank you to The Francis Marion Hotel, our speakers, conference attendees and to our vendors, including Questcor Pharmacuetical who provided an Educational Grant. Nephrologists, physicians, nurses and other health care organization representatives from various states attended the conference on September 7 - 8, 2012 at the The Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina. 

     Click on the Conference Logo (above) for the 2012 Syllabus.

Friday, September 7, 2012

  John Mahan
"Using a Pediatric Nephrology Study Group (the MidWest Pediatric Nephrology Consortium) to Improve the Care of Children with Nephrotic Syndrome."
  • Describe 3 major challenges in the care of children with nephrotic syndrome today.
  • Describe the rationale and mechanisms by which study groups can be organized to promote clinical/translational research. 
  • Identify 2 areas where the MidWest Pediatric Nephrology Consortium is actively engaged in addressing the challenges of care of children with nephrotic syndrome.

Saturday , September 8, 2012

Session 1: Acute Kidney Injury and Critical Care
"Abnormal saline, and why you should avoid it "   
  Objective: Review recent data regarding the safety of intravenous fluid solutions in the acutely ill patient.
 "Hepatorenal Syndrome: A Diagnostic & Therapeutic Challenge" 
  Objective: Understand the current evidence that guides the approach to diagnosis and treatment of hepatorenal syndrome.
"Acute Kidney Injury: Role of Neutrophils and Passive Immunity in Multiorgan Dysfunction."
  Objective: To review how AKI stimulates neutrophil function and discuss latest data on the Cytopheryx device.
"The Interplay of AKI and CKD"
  Objective: Understand the risk factors for AKI survivors for progression to CKD.
Session 2: Diagnosis and Management of Glomerular Disease
"FSGS - multiple genetic causes, one disease"
  Objective: To understand the genetic causes of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.
"Predicting diabetic nephropathy: albumin and beyond." 
  Objective: Understand the benefits and limitations of biomarkers that predict the development of diabetic nephropathy.
"Update on the diagnosis and management of Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody Glomerulonephritis"
  Objective: Review recent developments in diagnosis and treatment of ANCA GN.
"Therapeutic plasma exchange for treatment of renal diseases"
  Objective: Understand the indications for TPE in renal disease.
Session 3: Management of End Stage Renal Disease
"Updates in Hemodialysis Vascular Access"
  Objective: To identify updates in the field of HD vascular access.
Titte Srinvas
"The kidney transplant: Digging beyond the biopsy."
  Objective: Recognize how new technologies can be integrated with renal biopsy and clinical data to understand pathophysiology in transplanted kidneys.
Session 4: Consortium Research Planning
John Arthur, MD, PhD
Prevention, Optimizing Safety, Early Intervention and DetectiOn in Nephrology Study (POSEIDON)
Glomerular Disease Collaborative Network (GDCN)
Acknowledgements for SEKDC Inaugural Conference 2012
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