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Classrooms In the Library

  • Classrooms for Faculty

An important part of the Library's Informatics Lab is our computer classroom area on the fourth floor. There are five classrooms, running dual platforms Windows 7 and OS X, that MUSC faculty may reserve for their classes. Each classroom has a teaching workstation with a ceiling-mounted projector.  Rooms 436 and 437 classrooms seat 23 students.  Rooms 438 and 440 seat 38 students.  Room 439 seats 12 students and is set up in a more group oriented layout.  To reserve a classroom, fill out our Computer Classroom Reservation Form.

  • Classrooms for Students

The computer classrooms on the fourth floor of the library may be reserved to practice presentations. Each room is equipped with a computer and projector. If you want to record the session, a camera, microphone, and tripod are available for check-out at the front desk.


Reserve a computer classroom

• Classrooms must be reserved at least one hour prior to requested time of use. Contact Joshua Ivey at to check room availability.

• Classrooms will be reserved no earlier than a half hour after the Library opens; reservations will end one half hour before the Library closes.

• Always ask for assistance at front desk when using the projector


• AV equipment is checked out at the fourth floor service desk

• When filming, turn off the fluorescent lights and use the dimmer lightsplace the Flip camera in the center of the room.  NOTE: You cannot increase audio or light once filmed


• Step 1 - To release the USB connector arm on the Flip camera, slide the latch down. The latch is located on the side of the camera above the battery door.

• Step 2 - Insert the USB connector arm into the USB drive on your computer.

• Step 3 - If using a Macintosh computer, a "FLIPVIDEO" icon will appear on your desktop. Double click on the icon and another icon--"Read Me"--will appear. Double click on this icon and follow the on-screen prompts to start the program and upload your videos.  If using a Windows computer, open the "My Documents" folder on your computer and double click the "FLIPVIDEO" icon. This will cause another icon--"Flip Video for PC"--to appear. Double click this icon to start the program and your video upload.

Getting Help

For assistance using the computers or any of the computer applications, student lab assistants are available most hours. The lab operations manager and library staff at the 4th floor service desk are also available to assist you. For more information about using the computer lab, please see our Computer Use Policy or call Robbie Weaver at 792-2277.

  • Computer Printing and Photocopying

The Library offers computer printing and self-service photocopying on the 2nd, 3rd floor and 4th floors.  You will need a GoPrint card for computer printing and either a GoPrint card or cash to photocopy.

GoPrint Cards: GoPrint Cards can be purchased for $1 from a vending machine on either the 2nd or 4th floors or by check, credit card ($5.00 minimum) or IIT ($20.00 minimum) at the 4th floor service desk. Value may be added at the vending machine. There is no extra cost for the GoPrint card. For $1 you get a dollar’s worth of printing/copying.

Cost for Computer Printing:

1. $.07 per page

2. $.05 per side for double sided copying

3. $.25 for color printing

Cost for Photocopying:

1. $.10 per page when using GoPrint Card

2. $.15 per page when using cash (change is given in coins)

The cards should be treated like any other bank or credit card. If the magnetic card strip is scratched or warped, it will not be read properly by the copier or printers. Damaged cards and copy value will not be replaced. Please write your name on the card. Occasionally cards are left in the copiers, and may be turned in at any public service desk. Check there if you have misplaced your card.  Grant holders, researchers, or departments expecting to use the copiers for extended periods may request a limit card for a higher number of copies when paying with IIT.  These cards will be issued with the number of copies encoded, rather than the monetary value.  To request a "limit" card, please call 792-2381.  Photocopying policies differ for the Waring Historical Library collections.  Contact the Waring Historical Library at 792-2288 for further information on special collections copying policies.

  • Study Rooms

Located in the heart of the MUSC campus, the Library offers a convenient place for students to come to study.  Many different spaces are available from individual carrels to group study rooms.  Study carrels are located on all floors of the library.  Study tables are available on all floors of the library, which can be used by groups or individuals.  There are also twenty enclosed rooms specifically for student group study, five are located on the second floor and fifteen on the third floor.  The rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis with students self-policing their use.

Open 24/7 The Library is available to MUSC students 24 hours day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  After staffed hours, students may enter the Library via the elevators by swiping their IDs by the ID pads in and by the elevators or through the main doors on the 2nd floor, using the card swipe pad to the left of the entrance.  The 2nd floor of the Library includes the 2nd Floor Lab (formerly called the 24/7 Room), which has:

1. enclosed study rooms for group discussions and projects

2. individual study desks

3. computer and printing capabilities

4. a lounge area with comfortable seating