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Jeff Pritcher

Contact Information - 843-792-7762

Jeff Pritcher has worked at the MUSC Library since June of 2005. Prior to that, he worked at the Duke University Medical Center Library for five years. He has a BS degree in Psychology from the College of Charleston, and a Master of Divinity with Languages degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. He enjoys reading Daniel Silva spy novels, as well as watching movies and sports, especially college football, Major League baseball, and PGA tournaments.

Joshua Ivey

Contact Information - 843-792-7762

Joshua Ivey has worked at the MUSC Library beginning in the year 2000. He has double Bachelor's degrees in European History and Hispanic Studies from the College of Charleston. Being born to a Mexican mother and raised bilingual, he has traveled throughout Central and South America in search of the perfect wave. Josh also lived in Seville, Spain studying the fine art of bullfighting under the tutelage of El Juli. He is a rabid supporter of both Liverpool F.C. and F.C. Barcelona, and dislikes all things Manchester United.

Michael McIntyre

Contact Information - 843-876-5038

Michael McIntyre has been employed by the Medical University of South Carolina Library since the year 2000. He has been schooled in programming and is well-versed in Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and other programs. He is a member of the Site Executive super user team. In his spare time, he writes and plays music on instruments made mostly of wood. He is a fan of the St. Louis Rams, and enjoyed through their all too-brief heyday in the years 2000 and 2001. He has become a fan of all things considering "the football that is not American in origin" thanks to the corrupting influence of his office mates. His favorite team is the Birmingham City Blues. Keep Right On!


1. Develop instructional and informational aids that promote effective resource use. Design and present skill-building training sessions to individuals or groups in a consultative or classroom setting about Learning Commons technologies and resources.

2. Provide and ensure a consistently high level of service within the Learning Commons. Assist students, faculty and staff with technologies and resources and make appropriate referrals to reference librarians, computer systems staff within the Library, CARC staff, and MUSC partners (CAE, ETS,etc.).

3. Continually improve personal knowledge and expertise with Learning Commons technology and information resources, and explore emerging technologies with a view toward incorporating them into the Learning Commons.