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The Boeing Center for Children's Wellness (The Lean Team)


Mission: Our mission is to reduce childhood Obesity in the State of S.C. by creating healthier school environments through innovative wellness initiatives.

Past or Underway Programs:

Biggest Loser Competition

This 10-week competition between units had an impressive showing with 185 total pounds lost!  The overall winner lost over 10% of her starting weight!  She won a Fitbit and new pair of athletic shoes.

Worksite Blood Screening 2/13/13 6:30am-11:30am - special location for Children's Hospital employee convenience!

We are offering another special worksite blood screening for Children's Hospital employees.  Anyone is welcome to sign up, but the location is selected to encourage CH employees.  As always, the cost is $15 for State BCBS members.

  • If you participated in our September blood screening, and you also sign up for this post-program blood screening, you will receive a Wal-Mart gift card for the cost of the blood screening ($15)! So please come out and show off what you've done and support our research efforts!
  • Here is the full information and how to sign up

Holiday Seminar Series

Sign up for the 9/28 Blood Screening

Blood screening registration flyer

Healthy Happy Hour with the Weight Management Center

Flyer - information

Registration forms


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