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The Boeing Center for Children's Wellness (The Lean Team)


Mission: Our mission is to reduce childhood Obesity in the State of S.C. by creating healthier school environments through innovative wellness initiatives.

Wellness Checklist Contest

The Boeing Center for Children's Wellness School Wellness ChecklistContest

In an effort to address rising rates of overweight and obesity in the Lowcountry, and to support the national emphasis on improving student and employee wellness, we facilitate a district-level Wellness Championship open to Charleston County School District, Berkeley County School District and Dorchester School Districts:

  • Effect measurable health policy and behavior changes at the individual school level, with a focus on obesity-related behaviors.
  • Measure the level of activity of the school wellness councils at individual, categorical and district levels.

We have now completed three years of this contest in Charleston County School District, and completed our first year in Berkeley and Dorchester 2 School Districts. This coming year, the data collection tool is online and available to all school principals, wellness contacts and school nurses. Checklist items are categorized under 7 wellness themes, and point values are assigned to each item based on perceived difficulty to implement and/or our interest in effecting those changes. Cash prizes are available to schools to incentivize performance.

This coming year (2013-2014), we will be implementing some changes to the contest, such as:

  • A few new checklist items, and some changes in point values on older items
  • An exciting new large point value item for developing a sponsoring community partner
  • An option to participate in the CDC's School Health Index for a 10 point value
  • A revamped online checklist!

**Please remember that paper submissions are no longer accepted.**  The electronic submission process is live (8/19/13) via our website.  Emails will be sent to school wellness contacts with the logins and passwords.

For Charleston County School District, Berkeley County School District and Dorchester 2 School District, please be reminded of the following key points:

  • A 50 point minimum is required for schools who won a wellness award any of the previous two years. Schools participating for the first time are only required to earn a minimum of 30 points. One point must come from each of the main 7 categories on the checklist.  **PLEASE NOTE- all items and events must be current for this school year to be counted.** 
  • There is an opportunity to earn up to 5 bonus points for wellness items NOT captured on an existing checklist item.

This contest is a great opportunity to get money and recognition for your school’s wellness efforts!  You're making a difference.  Over the past 3 years in Charleston County School District: 

  • 50% of participating schools removed the deep fryer from their school cafeteria
  • 57% of participating schools replaced unhealthy snacks with healthier ones
  • 47% of participating schools adopted a non-food reward policy
  • 53% of participating schools sent letters home encouraging parents to send healthier snacks to school
  • 54% of participating schools replaced one or more unhealthy fundraisers with healthy ones
  • 90% of participating schools created or maintained a sustainable indoor or outdoor school garden
  • 47% of participating schools promoted water drinking at school with a marketing campaign
  • 71% of participating schools brought outside fitness programs into the school
  • 82% of participating schools incorporated physical activity into their after school programs 3-5 times per week
  • 42% of of participating schools schools created a student health club

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