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Boeing Center for Children's Wellness (Lean Team)

Docs Adopt School Health Initiative


The Docs Adopt School Health Initiative = 

Docs AdoptSchool Wellness Checklist


Our Initiative is an approach that leads schools to assess their current wellness efforts and then address the needs they have identified by selecting from among evidence‐based strategies listed on our School Wellness Checklist©, all the while competing in a wellness“competition”with other schools. We encourage schools to establish a wellness committee that includes parents, students, nurses, physical education teachers, other staff, and community members, as well as a volunteer physician serving as a health resource (“Docs Adopt©”). Schools that achieve enough points (by making healthy changes on the Checklist) receive a $1,000 award for further wellness projects, such as building a school garden, establishing a walking trail or installing kinesthetic desks. The highest scoring school in each district receives an additional $2,000 as well as their name on the district wellness trophy. 


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