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Boeing Center for Children's Wellness (Lean Team)

School Resource Links


Wellness Checklist Contest Resources

Samples Ideas for Spending Wellness Achievement Award (required to report back to BCCW on previous year's award money)

Docs Adopt Action Guide - please email for password
USDA Smart Snacks
Healthy Vending
Healthy Fundraisers
Healthy School Snacks
Non-Food Rewards
Water Drinking Campaign and Policy
School Garden
School-Wide Healthy Incentive Program
Nutrition Curriculum
Policy Tool: Physical Activity Not Permitted as Punishment (there are other useful policy options within this document)
Sample of research support for recess (not withholding recess as punishment)
Brain Breaks/Classroom Physical Activities
Community Run/Walk Events
Breastfeeding Policy
Student Resource Library

National Resources

Schools: Links for Teachers, Principals, and Wellness Committees looking to learn more about enhancing their schools overall wellness, including more exercise and healthier food choices for students and staff.


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