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Boeing Center for Children's Wellness (Lean Team)

Wellness Checklist Resources by Category


*Samples Ideas for Spending Wellness Achievement Award* (required to report back to BCCW on previous year's award money)


Getting Started

CDC Local School Wellness Policy

Action for Healthy Kids - School Wellness Policy

Docs Adopt Action Guide

Docs Adopt Resources

CDC School Health Index

Alliance for a Healthier Generation - Healthy Schools

School Nutrition Association (Wellness & Nutrition Policies)

Health and Academics (CDC)




MyPlate Recipes (Pinterest)

USDA Two Bite Club

Farm to School - Serving and Promoting Locally Grown

Smarter Lunchroom Self-Assessment

Fruit/Vegetable Tastings - assistance from Clemson Extension

USDA Smart Snacks

Healthy Vending

Healthy Fundraisers

Water Drinking Campaign

School Garden


Nutrition Curriculum (5 points)

Nutrition Education Lessons (2 points)


Physical Activity

Action Based Learning (ABL)

Walk/Run Club Group Idea

Fitness Programs in School

After-School Activity (see also Brain Breaks above)

Walk and Bike to School Days (SC Safe Routes to School)

BMI and Fitness Assessments

Open Community Use and Facility Use Resources 


Stress Management

Stress Relief Tactics for Staff and Students

Breathing Exercises for the Classroom

Worksite Wellness Stress Management Resource Kit

Meditatitive Space for Staff

OLWEUS Program - violence prevention leads to stress reduction


Establishing a Wellness Culture

Healthy Morning Announcements


Non-Food Rewards
Physical Activity Policy
Water Policy
Breastfeeding Policy

Student Resource Library

School-Wide Healthy Incentive Program

Fuel Up to Play 60 School Wellness Investigation (to be completed by students)

Cooking Matters

PTA Healthy Lifestyles Resources

Newsletters Ideas:


Employee Connections

Employee Wellness Interest Survey

Staff Fitness Breaks

Weight Management/Nutrition Programs

Staff Healthy Incentive Program

Walking Club for Staff

Resources for Staff Wellness Library (Numerous handouts, posters, and recipes)



Community Sponsorship Letter

SPARK Grant Finder Tool

National Resources

Schools: Links for Teachers, Principals, and Wellness Committees looking to learn more about enhancing their schools overall wellness, including more exercise and healthier food choices for students and staff.


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