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Boeing Center for Children's Wellness (Lean Team)

Exercise Videos for Schools

Desk Exercises

Numerous studies have shown that active children are better learners.  Desk Exercises (or "Deskercises") are an easy and fun way for schools to incorporate physical activity into the classroom, without disrupting the learning environment.  Each video is only 3-5 minutes long, and the exercises are done while the students are still at their desks. Try it and see for yourself! 

Deskercise and Children's Yoga at Moultrie
Middle School

Stretch Your Body and Breathing
Foot Stomping Fitness and Right/Left Breathing
Swimming Into Fitness and Balloon Breathing
Strong Bodies and Elevator Breathing
De-stress for Test

Children's Yoga with Leigh Crowder
Yoga Snack 1
Yoga Snack 2
Yoga Snack 3
Yoga Snack 4

Deskercises with Coach Dave Spurlock
Desk Exercise Introduction
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4


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