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Boeing Center for Children's Wellness (Lean Team)

Our Programs

School Wellness

·         Establishing and maintaining School Wellness Committees throughout CCSD.

·         Training of school nurses, food service personnel, physical & health education teachers, and other school staff in implementation of school-wide health campaigns including classroom instruction. 

·         Establishment of a school wellness challenge, resulting in policy and environmental change.

·         Development and integration of healthier school lunch menu items including participating in a nationwide contest for healthier school lunches: Recipes for Healthy Kids Challenge.

·         Health campaigns focused on improving nutritional intake and increasing physical activity, such as Deskercises and Children's Yoga.

·         Training of physicians to "adopt" schools through serving on the school's wellness council.

Community Wellness

·         Provide anthropometric assessments including height, weight, BMI, and body fat

·         Lead wellness partner in a community broadcasting campaign using social media, technology, education, and special events.

·         Mentoring and support through weekly community-based walks on the Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge.


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