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Boeing Center for Children's Wellness (Lean Team)

Children's Hospital Wellness Initiative

The Boeing Center for Children's Wellness is committed to preventing and treating childhood obesity through family-centered clinical programs paired with policy and environmental changes in schools and communities.  We partnered with the MUSC Office of Health Promotion to bring our best programs to the staff of the MUSC Children's Hospital.  We have received hundreds of survey responses, and using your feedback, we have developed programs to meet your wellness needs.

The Catalyst wrote an article about the program with more of the background and motivation for this project.

Mini Gyms

The Office of Health Promotio and the Boeing Center for Children's Wellness set up a "mini gym" for some Children's Hospital employees, and Alicia from the Wellness Center helped get them started with their new equipment!  Check out their work out and maybe pick up some tips for your own office/workplace work out!

Squats, biceps and desk push-ups video

Push-ups, abs and fitness ball video

Lighten Up Charleston

The Children's Hospital Wellness Initiative will take advantage of the Lighten Up Charleston tracking tools.  This City of Charleston initiative is a partnership with MUSC.  The site tracks weight, pounds lost, and activity and provides helpful information for a healthy lifestyle!

Children's Hospital Wellness Initiative Contacts

Email Lucie Maguire Kramer (Boeing Center for Children's Wellness)

Email Susan Johnson (Office of Health Promotion)        


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