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Boeing Center for Children's Wellness (Lean Team)


Amazing People

People are amazing. Everyone has a story to tell which can inspire us to make decisions for health. Excuses are easy to find. You must be intentional! Amazing people can inspire you to do amazing things.


Mike Campbell lost over 100 pounds in 6 months. Chris Swetckie, former Principal at St. James-Santee Elementary School, also shed some serious pounds and now Mike and Chris have both shed their "fat pants". Learn more about Mike's incredible journey to better health at Mike's website Fat Guy Diary.


Virginia Huff lives in Mount Pleasant.  At age 82, she lost 46 pounds and has walked 569 miles in one year.


Ercelle Chillis lives on James Island. She lost over 20 pounds in her 80’s. She is now 94 years old, continues to grow her own vegetables, and has a wonderful spirit of gratitude.


Tarsha Moseley, a graduate of Burke High School, lost over 100 pounds and has kept it off. She continues to be an inspiration to many people. 


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