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Summer Undergraduate Students

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Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Program (MBES-SURP)

Understanding links between humans and animals, ‘environmental health’ is a concept in medical and environmental research that is acknowledged and endorsed worldwide.  The Fort Johnson research community in Charleston, SC, brings together scientists from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), the College of Charleston, and government institutions involved in marine research (NOAA, DNR & NIST) with the goal of performing research connecting environmental science with human health concerns.  The Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences (MBES) program trains graduate students from MUSC pursuing Doctoral degrees in biomedical and marine science research disciplines.  

Undergraduate students interested in the interactions between the marine environment and human health can become part of the Ft Johnson research community through MUSC's Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP).  This 10-week program revolves around completion of an independent, research project under the mentorship of a MBES faculty member and current MBES Doctoral Students. Students will be fully incorporated into the laboratory environment and will participate in hypothesis-driven research.  Ongoing projects at the Fort Johnson campus under direction of MBES faculty coordinate elements of environmental and human health topics, utilizing cutting-edge technologies in molecular, cell, & organismal biology as well as analytical chemistry.

This program involves a series of lecture-style classes meant to provide students with a didactic introduction to biomedical science and topics in marine biomedicine, seminar presentations by outside speakers, and field trips to expose students to ongoing field work by local scientists.  The 2013 class and field trip schedule can be found here.

At the end of the summer, students present their research findings in poster and formal oral presentations to the faculty and fellow students. Students in this program gain hands-on laboratory experience and interact with MUSC faculty and students.  SURP students are provided stipends and semester credit to transfer to their home institutions.  For more details on this program click here.

Student projects from previous years have included isolating and characterizing toxic compounds from harmful algal blooms, examining the effects of environmental contaminants on alligator development and health, using brain tissue from Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin as a model system for Alzheimer's disease, determining the effects of light quality and human-generated pollutants on coral health and tissue regeneration, establishing epigenetics mechanisms during sex determination of alligators, and establishing the epidemiological relationship between air pollution and human cardiovascular health.  A full list of projects by MUSC graduate students and summer undergraduates from previous years can be found here.

In addition to MUSC's Summer Undergraduate Research Program, the Fort Johnson Marine Science Campus hosts 4 other summer programs that bring undergraduates to Charleston to complete mentored independent research projects in marine science laboratories.  MUSC SURP students have opportunities to work collaboratively with students from other programs in the laboratory, and participate in Fort Johnson campus-wide activities including social events, colloquium and open house presentations, and field trips.

Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Science Health Summer Undergraduate Program applications are not being accepted for the coming year. 

Summer Student Photo Gallery


2014Home InstitutionMBES Faculty who mentored a
Summer Student
Meredith Andersen (MUSC-SURP)College of CharlestonSpyropoulos
Nolan Barrett (MUSC-SURP)College of CharlestonKohno
Elizabeth Dingbaum (MUSC-SURP)Winona State UniversityBoggs/Catron
John Gehris (MUSC-SURP)The CitadelCruze
Jacob Scott (MUSC-SURP)Jacksonville UniversityGuillette (Cantu)
Sarah Smith (MUSC-SURP)Columbia CollegeMarianes
Lucy Davis (MUSC-HHMI)Georgetown CollegeGuillette (McCoy)
Jane Margaret Bell (MUSC)Warren Wilson CollegeBrock
Coleen Neumann (MUSC)Warren Wilson CollegeBrock
Alfre Wimberley (SCDNR-MIMES)UNC-Chapel HillDeLorenzo
Bernard Akem (CofC-REU)Northern Illinois UniversityBurnett
McCall Calvert (CofC-REU)Beloit CollegeDeLorenzo
Ian Christie (CofC-REU)Lewis & Clark CollegeBowden
Jasmin Graham (CofC-REU)College of CharlestonNaylor
Melissa Kramer (CofC-REU)Yeshiva Unversity Stern College for WomenGuillette
Connor Thomas (CofC-REU)SUNY College of Environmental Science & ForestrySotka
2013Home InstitutionMBES Faculty who mentored a
Summer Student
Alexis Papariello (MUSC-SURP)University of MiamiFitzgibbon
Edna Diaz-Negron (SCDNR-MIMES)University of Hawaii-HiloSotka
Eric Benfield (MUSC-SURP)The CitadelGuillette
Idris Tre Edge (SCDNR-MIMES)Coastal Carolina UniversityDeLorenzo
Jacqueline Yap (SCDNR-MIMES)Emory UniversityLeffler
Jessica Lozada (NOAA-HSP)Tennessee State UniversityMoeller
John Booker (MUSC-SURP)College of CharlestonDeLorenzo
Justine Lundsted (NOAA-HSP)Coastal Carolina UniversityLovelace
Meredith Moore (MUSC-SURP)University of IndianapolisKohno
Michael Esteban (NOAA-HSP)University of South FloridaLovelace
Michaela Patton (MUSC-SURP)College of Saint BenedictSpyropoulos
Parker Barfield (NOAA-HSP)Clemson UniversityLovelace
Shameka Carter (MUSC-SURP)Morris CollegeGuillette
Sydney Norvak (MUSC-SURP)Franciscan UniversityMoeller
2012Home InstitutionMBES Faculty who mentored a
Summer Student
Aaron Goldman (CofC-REU)Allegheny UniversitySotka
Amiana McEwen (MUSC-SURP)University of PortlandMay
Aposia Singleton (MUSC-SURP)Morris CollegeKucklick
Chelsea McCurry (MUSC-SURP)University of West FloridaPlante
Christine Heidbreder (MUSC-SURP)University of MiamiMoeller
Cody Narlock (MUSC-SURP)Wayne State UniversityFitzgibbon
Dominique Maldonado (MUSC-SURP)University of South CarolinaSpyropoulos
Jason Wong (NOAA-HSP)University of MarylandLovelace
Kenzie Kelly (CofC-REU)University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesDeLorenzo
Marissa Roman (CofC-REU)UNC WilmingtonK. Burnett/L. Burnett
Matthew Hale (MUSC-SURP)Maryville CollegeGuillette
Nathalie Fowler (CofC-REU)Sewanee, University of the SouthDoucette
Paris Evans (MUSC-SURP)Brigham Young UniversityBaatz
Rebekah Boyer (MUSC-SURP)Brown UniversityLovelace
Remember Watts (MUSC-SURP)Clemson UniversityGalloway
Rhonda Hook (MUSC-SURP)Morris CollegeDoucette
Thomas Galligan (CofC-REU)Virginia TechGuillette
2011Home Institution

MBES Faculty who Mentored a
Summer Student

Paige Brockington (MUSC-SURP)Spelman CollegeMay
Elizabeth Brown (MUSC-SURP)HamptonSpyropoulos
Stephanie Cabrera (MUSC-SURP)Florida InternationalBaatz
Joseph Coz (MUSC-SURP)College of CharlestonGuillette
Angela Dapremont (SCDNR-MRRI)College of CharlestonGreenfield
Mary DeVita (CofC-REU)Chaminade University of HonoluluFulton
Jessica Duke (NOAA-HSP)The University of AlabamaBearden
Virginia Fleer (CofC-REU)Northwest Missouri State UniversityPlante
Vincent Lazor (NOAA-HSP)University of DelewareBearden
Jessica Long (NOAA-HSP)University of North Carolina - Chapel HillMoeller
Michael Mai (MUSC-SURP)College of CharlestonKindy
Wilmelie Marrero (SCDNR-MRRI)University of Puerto Rico - HumacaoSotka
Zoe Odonoghue (NOAA-HSP)University of South CarolinaWoodley
Scott Riley (NOAA-HSP)Virginia TechLovelace
Chantel Y. Simpson (NOAA-HSP)North Carolina A & TLovelace
Aposia Singleton (MUSC-SURP)Morris CollegeWoodley
Tiera Smalls (MUSC-SURP)Queens University of CharlotteLovelace
Portia Thomas (MUSC-SURP)Erskine CollegeChristopher
Elizabeth Underwood (CofC-REU)Davidson CollegeGuillette
Rayona Wise (CofC-REU)Miami University of OhioK. Burnett / L.Burnett
2010Home InstitutionMBES Faculty who mentored a
Summer Student
Andrew Morrison (MUSC-SURP)Savannah State UniversityVan Dolah
Aurora Baker (MUSC-SURP)Queens UniversityMorton
Destiny Pegram (MUSC-SURP)North TexasDitullio
Jonathan Nye (NOAA-HSP)UC Santa CruzLovelace
Jonathan Williams (NOAA-HSP)University of Mary WashingtonKucklick
Lauren Daniels (SCDNR-MRRI)Savannah State UniversityPlante/Greenfield
Sarah Newton (NOAA-HSP)University of Arkansas, Pine BluffBearden
2009Home InstitutionMBES Faculty who mentored a
Summer Student
Jacob Gantz (CofC-REU)Franklin & Marshall CollegeSotka
Jonathan JefferiesNorth Carolina A & TBearden
Jace Jensen (CofC-REU)University of UtahBearden
Robin Garcia (CofC-REU)University of MiamiK. Burnett
Val KucharCollege of CharlestonPlante
Chisom EzenkweClemson UniversityWargovich
Ruth Tilus (MUSC-SURP)Savannah State UniversityBaatz
Kevin Trappio (MUSC-SURP)Savannah State UniversityBaatz
Nikole Flemming (MUSC-SURP)University of Virgin IslandsKindy
Jordan Allen (MUSC-SURP)Savannah State UniversityFulton
Lauren Forbes (NOAA-HSP)NCSULovelace
Alex Horning (NOAA-HSP)Gettysburg CollegeLovelace
2008Home Institution

MBES Faculty who mentored a
Summer Student

Peter SatinVassar CollegeGalloway
Jeffery Slosarczyk (NOAA-HSP)University of WisconsinWarr
Melanie CamposQueens University - CharlotteMorris
Samuel BeardenVanderbuilt UniversityMorris
Madeline Zaehringer (CofC-REU)Midwestern StateKilpatrick
Alex Meyers (NOAA-HSP)Tennessee TechBearden
Amanda WatersUniversity of OklahomaMoeller
Brittany WrightEckerd CollegeMoeller
Britta VossUniversity of WashingtonMoeller
Annie KwonEmory UniversityBaatz
Katie HillekeAcademic Magnet HSSotka
Alaina VarrCollege of CharlestonSotka
Susan HerronUniversity of South CarolinaMorton
Michelle KellyUniversity of ArizonaMorton
Shannon Wright (CofC-REU)College of CharlestonBurnett
Amanda KinneyCollege of CharlestonPlante
Emily Frank (CofC-REU)University of AkronPlante
Loren Danese (CofC-REU)College of CharlestonDeLorenzo
2007Home InstitutionMBES Faculty who mentored a
Summer Student
Greg Matthews (CofC-REU)Indiana Wesleyan UniversityMorris
Reney Henderson Jr. (MUSC-SURP)Howard UniversityMorris
Scottie Mobley (MUSC-SURP)College of CharlestonGalloway
Venetia Lyles (MUSC-SURP)SC State UniversityMorris
Sandi Brown (NOAA-HSP)Paine CollegeWarr
Sarah Freitag (CofC-REU)Iowa State UniversityPlante
2006Home InstitutionMBES Faculty who mentored a
Summer Student
Hannah ScarboroughAgnes Scott CollegeFair
Thomas Milar (CofC-REU)College of CharlestonBurnett
Jennifer Delaney (CofC-REU)Rippon CollegeMorris
Sara Dunaway (CofC-REU)Anderson UniversityWoodley
Kieran Coe (CofC-REU)MiddleburyPlante
2005Home InstitutionMBES Faculty who mentored a
Summer Student
Charles Kolo Rathburn (CofC-REU)Chaminade University of HonoluluBurnett
Ashley AranaAmherst UniversityGross
Geoffrey Horwitz (CofC-REU)Trinity UniversityWoodley
Emily Long (CofC-REU)College of CharlestonMorris
Phillip ChisholmCollege of CharlestonBecker
2004Home InstitutionMBES Faculty who mentored a
Summer Student
Tamara Butler (MUSC-SURP)Xavier University of LouisianaGross
Dan Bakko (CofC-REU)Concordia CollegeMorris
Katrina Aleksa (CofC-REU)Arizona State UniversityKucklick
Heather Nees (CofC-REU)Muskingum CollegePlante
Sharon Dayse (SCDNR-MRRI)SC State UniversityMorris
Stephanie Martin (SCDNR-MRRI)Tuskegee UniversityPeden-Adams
Sally Upton (CofC-REU)Albertson College of IdahoBecker
2003Home InstituitionMBES Faculty who mentored a
Summer Student
Kizee Etienne (MUSC-SURP)Mercer UniversityGross
Jacqueline Smith (MUSC-SURP)Clemson UniversityLacy/Fulton
Hugo Tapia (MUSC-SURP)University of Texas El PasoMorris
Elizabeth Hambleton (CofC-REU)Williams CollegeMorris
Chris Tanner (CofC-REU)The College of New JerseyBurnett
Ryan Templeton (CofC-REU)Auburn UniversityKucklick