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Jacqueline Bangma

Research Interest:
With a heavy background in analytical chemistry training, I am looking to develop biological techniques during my early graduate career that will improve my versatility in the laboratory. With these diverse ranges of techniques, I will provide a unique approach to my specific area of environmental health research. Specifically, I am interested in the effect of environmental contaminants on the immune system development in reptilian species such as the Crocodile and American Alligator. Currently, I am measuring the levels of trace metals in adult Crocodiles indigenous to South Africa and will be measuring organics levels in the future. I hope to take it further and later characterize the effect of these contaminants singly and possibly as a matrix on the development of the immune system.

Publications, Presentations, Posters & Meetings Attend:
Catall, L.L, D.L. Odom, J.T. Bangma, T.L. Barrett and G.W. Barrett. 2011. Artificial nest cavities designed for use by small mammals. Southeastern Naturalists 10: 509-514. class="msoIns"

Parrot, B.B., J.A. Bowden, S. Kohno, J.A. Cloy-McCloy, M.D. Hale, J.T. Bangma, T.R. Rainwater, P.M. Wilkinson, J.R. Kucklick, L.J. Guillette Jr. Influence of tissue, age, and environmental quality on global levels of genomic class="il"methylation in the American alligator Alligator Mississippiensis. Reproduction. In Review

Bowden, J.A., J.T. Bangma, J.R. Kucklick. Development of an Automated Multi-Injection Shotgun Lipidomics Approach using a Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer. Journal of Lipid Research. In Review

Jacqueline Bangma

Jacqueline Bangma

BS University of Georgia 2010

Year Matriculated: 2013