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Matthew Bertin

Mentor: Dr. Peter Moeller

Education: BA Miami University 2003; MS Florida State University 2006

Year Graduated: 2012

Postdoctoral: Center for Marine Biotechnology & Biomedicine,
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, California

Thesis: "The Contribution of ACYL Amides to the Toxicity of the Harmful ALGA Prymnesium Parvum."


Bertin, M.J., Moeller, P.D.R, Guillette, L.J., Chapman, R.W. Using machine learning tools to model complex toxic interactions with limited sampling regimes. Environmental Science and Technology (2013) Accepted.

Bertin, M.J., Zimba, P.V., Beauchesne, K.R., Huncik, K.M., Moeller, P.D.R. Identification of toxic fatty acid amides isolated from the harmful alga Prymnesium parvum Carter. Harmful Algae 20 (2012) 111-116.

Bertin, M.J., Zimba, P.V., Beauchesne, K.R., Huncik, K.M., Moeller, P.D.R. The contribution of fatty acid amides to Prymnesium parvum Carter toxicity. Harmful Algae 20 (2012) 117-125.

Bertin, M and Callahan, M.K. The Distribution, Abundance and Volume of the Barrel Sponge Xestospongia muta at Selected Sites in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Proceedings of the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (2008).

Conejo, M.S., Bertin, M., Pomponi, S.A., and Ellington, W.R. The early evolution of the phosphagen kinases-insights from choanoflagellate and poriferan arginine kinases. Journal of Molecular Evolution 66 (2008) 11-20.


Fatty acid amides are responsible for the toxicity of the harmful alga Prymnesium Parvum (presentation). International Conference on Hydrology and Groundwater Expo, San Antonio, Tx. September10-12, 2012.

The distribution, abundance, and volume of the barrel sponge, Xestospongia muta, at selected sites in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (poster). The 11th International Coral Reef Symposium, Fort Lauderdale Florida. July 7-11, 2008.

Creatine and arginine kinases are widespread in the Porifera (presentation). Annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, Orlando, Florida. January 4-8, 2006.
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