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Jessica McCoy

Research Interest:
I am interested in exploring the cellular and molecular processes that promote the development of an healthy ovary. In doing so, I hope to elucidate pathways that are susceptible to disruption by exposures to endocrine disrupting contaminants. Previous findings by our group show that exposure to environmental contaminants negatively impacts the reproductive health of male and female alligators. I intend to analyze alligator tissues from animals derived from environments of different quality to further define the relationship between contaminant exposures and ovarian cell signaling.

Publications, Presentations, Posters & Meetings Attended:
Parrott BB, Kohno S, Cloy-McCoy JA, Guillette LJ Jr. 2014.Differential incubation temperatures result in dimorphic DNA methylation patterning of the SOX9 and aromatase promoters in gonads of alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) embryos. Biol Reprod.9;90(1):2.

Parrott BB, Bowden JA, Kohno S, Cloy-McCoy JA, Hale MD, Bangma JT, Rainwater TR, Wilkinson PM, Kucklick JR, Guillette LJ. 2014. Influence of tissue, age, and environmental quality on DNA methylation in Alligator mississippiensis.Reproduction.

Boggs, A.S., R.H. Lowers, J.A. McCoy, and L.J. Guillette, Jr. 2013. Organizational changes to thyroid regulation in Alligator mississippiensis: evidence for predictive adaptive responses. PLoS One. 8:e55515

The effect of egg incubation temperatures on intra-sexual characteristics in the American alligator. Poster presentation at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, Austin, TX 2014.

Women’s Reproductive Environmental Health Consortium. NIEHS annual meeting, Durham, NC 2013.

The potential role of glucocorticoid signaling in sex determination of the American alligator. Poster presentation at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, Charleston, SC 2012.

Injury models of myocardial infarction in a 3D bioengineered tissue culture model. Poster presentation at American Society for Cell Biology meeting in San Diego, CA 2006.

Represented South Carolina at “A Gathering of Nobel Laureates: Science for the 21st Century”, Charlotte, North Carolina, 2005.

Determination of population dynamics of de Brazza’s monkeys using mitochondrial DNA. Poster presentation at Tri-Beta Conference, Boone, NC 2002.

Organizations & Awards:
Fort Johnson Seminar Committee, MBES student representative

Winthrop University Student Environmental Council, Founder

Sigma Xi Undergraduate Research Award

National Merit Society- Top 100 Undergraduate Scholars in US

Jessica McCoy

Jessica McCoy

Dr. Louis J. Guillette, Jr.

BS in Biology, Winthrop University 2003

M.S. in Biology, Center for Cellular and Molecular Research,
Winthrop University, 2006

Year Matriculated: 2010