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Severine Patat (Pharmacology student)

Mentor: Dr. Kevin Schey

Year Graduated 2005

Degrees: MUSC 2000-present PhD. in Pharmacology
University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France 1995-2000
Organic Spectroscopy DEA (Mention Bien)
Chemistry Maitrise (Mention Assez Bien)
Chemistry Licence (Mention Assez Bien)
Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics DEUG (Mention Bien)

Shrimp innate immunity. The goal of the project is to identify antimicrobial peptides/proteins in shrimp hemolymph. Preliminary data showed that hemocytes (shrimp blood cells) contain high levels of histone proteins. In various vertebrates, histones have been shown to have antimicrobial activity. Since hemocytes are immune effector cells in the shrimp, we hypothesized that they contained high levels of histones to fight microorganisms. Shrimp histones H2A, H2B/H4 and H1 fragment were purified and inhibited growth of the Gram positive bacteria M. luteus. Defining mechanism of action and localization of histones as well as characterizing changes in hemolymph proteome upon challenge are in progress.


Patat SA, Carnegie RB, Kingsbury C, Gross PS, Chapman R, and Schey KL. 2004. Antimicrobial activity of histones from hemocytes of the Pacific White Shrimp. Eur. J. Biochem. 271: 4825–4833

Ryan B. Carnegie, Severine A. Patat and Kevin L. Schey. Proteomic Portrait of a viral response in the shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei, gill.
In preparation, 2004

Roberts JE, Finley EL, Patat SA, Schey KL. 2001. Photooxidation of lens proteins with xanthurenic acid: a putative chromophore for cataractogenesis. Photochem Photobiol 74: 740-4

Schey KL, Patat S, Chignell CF, Datillo M, Wang RH, Roberts JE. 2000. Photooxidation of lens alpha-crystallin by hypericin (active ingredient in St. John's Wort). Photochem Photobiol 72: 200-3

NSA (National Shellfisheries Association) travel award 2004

Dean’s Academic Scholarship 2004

Outstanding Instructor Award Nominee 2003