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Javier Robalino

Mentor: Dr. Greg Warr

Education:B.S. 1997, Escuela Superior Politecnica , M.S. 2000 Univ of Maryland, PhD 2006 MUSC

Year Graduated: 2006

Postdoctoral: Associate Investigator, Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral, Guayaquil, Ecuador

My research is focused on how invertebrates (especially marine invertebrates) defend themselves against viral pathogens. Such antiviral mechanisms are of great significance for both human and environmental health because 1) invertebrates (e.g. insects) are vectors of viral diseases affecting humans, 2) viruses are the most abundant class of microorganisms in the marine environment, and 3) many marine invertebrates are hosts to pathogenic viruses. We are using marine shrimp and some of its viruses as a model system to understand two key aspects of the antiviral response: first, what kind of molecular signatures are recognized by the invertebrate immune system as signals of viral infection, and second which host genes are regulated during infection by a viral pathogen, and during activation of the subsequent immune response.
Induction of Antiviral Immunity by Double-Stranded RNA in a Marine Invertebrate Javier Robalino, Craig L. Browdy, Sarah Prior, Adrienne Metz, Pamela Parnell, Paul Gross, and Gregory Warr,Journal of Virology, Oct. 2004, p. 10442-10448

Induction of General Antiviral Immunity by Double Stranded RNA in a Marine Invertebrate.,Javier Robalino, Craig L. Browdy , Sarah Prior , Adrienne Metz ,Pamela Parnell, Paul Gross ,, Gregory Warr ,*In press. J. Virol.Presentations

INSIGHTS INTO THE IMMUNE TRANSCRIPTOME OF THE SHRIMP Litopenaeus vannamei: TISSUE-SPECIFIC SIGNATURES OF GENE EXPRESSION AND CHANGES IN RESPONSE TO A LETHAL VIRAL INFECTION, Javier Robalino, Jonas Almeida, David J. McKillen, Joan Colglazier, Harold F. Trent III, Ann Cheng, Megan E. T. Peck, Robert W. Chapman, Paul S. Gross, Craig L. Browdy, and Gregory W. Warr, MBES Student Research Open House 2006

ANTIVIRAL IMMUNITY INDUCED BY DOUBLE STRANDED RNA IN A MARINE SHRIMP.,Javier Robalino, Thomas Bartlett, Robert Chapman, Craig Browdy, Paul Gross and Gregory Warr, 2005 MBES Student Research Open House

Antiviral immunity in a marine invertebrate, Javier Robalino, Joan Colglazier, Sarah Prior, Pamela Parnell, David McKillen, Ann Chen, Jonas Almeida, Robert Chapman, Paul Gross, Craig Browdy and Gregory Warr, .2005 MUSC Student Research Day

Antiviral immunity in a marine invertebrate, Javier Robalino, Sarah Prior, Adrienne Metz, Joan Colglazier, Robert Chapman, Paul Gross, Craig Browdy, Greg Warr,2004 MUSC Student Research Day


El Circulo of Charleston Student Award