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 Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences | Faculty | Daniel W. Bearden, Ph.D.

Daniel W. Bearden, Ph.D.

Research Interest:
Environmental contaminant analysis and environmental toxicology. Our laboratory conducts research into new analytical chemistry methods for the detection and quantification of environmental compounds of interest. In addition, we conduct research in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) structure elucidation of natural products and biomolecular compounds (i.e., proteins).

• Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
• NMR-based marine metabonomics
• Environmental structural biology and natural products

Selected Publications:
1.   J. E. Oatis, Jr., P. Brunsfeld, J. W. Rushing, P. D. Moeller, D. W. Bearden, T. N. Gallien, and G. Cooper, IV: Simplified Isolation and Purification of Cyclopamine from Veratrum californicum, (2008) accepted for publication in Chemistry Central Journal.

2.  N. Morrison, D. Bearden, J. G. Bundy, T. Collette, F. Currie, M. P. Davey, N. S. Haigh, D. Hancock, O. A. H. Jones, S. Rochfort, S. A. Sansone, D. Stys, Q. Teng, D. Field, M. R. Viant: Standard Reporting Requirements for Biological Samples in Metabolomics Experiments: Environmental Context, Metabolomics 3: 203-210 (2007).

3.  W.L. Balthis, J.L. Hyland, D.W. Bearden: Ecosystem Responses to Extreme Natural Events: Impacts of Three Sequential Hurricanes in Fall 1999 on Sediment Quality and Condition of Benthic Fauna in the Neuse River Estuary, North Carolina. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 119(1-3): 367-389 (2006).

4.  M. H. Fulton, P. Key, E. Wirth, A. Leight, J. Daugomah, D. Bearden, S. Sivertsen, G. Scott: An Evaluation of Contaminated Estuarine Sites Using Sediment Quality Guidelines and Ecological Assessment Methodologies, Ecotoxicology 15(7): 573-581 (2006).

5.  J. Hyland, C. Cooksey, W. L. Balthis, M. Fulton, D. Bearden, G. McFall, M. Kendall: The soft-bottom macrobenthos of Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary (GRNMS) and nearby shelf waters off the coast of Georgia, USA, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 330: 307-326 (2006).

Daniel W. Bearden, Ph.D.

Daniel W. Bearden, Ph.D.

Research Chemist
National Institute for Standards and Technology

Ph.D. Rice University

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