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 Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences | Faculty | Dianne I. Greenfield, Ph.D.

Dianne I. Greenfield, Ph.D.

Research Interest:
Phytoplankton ecology and oceanography, In situ biological sensors, human impacts on the aquatic environment, aquatic trophic dynamics.

Selected Publications:

(*student publication)

1.  Greenfield, D.I., Bergquist, D., Brock, L., Felber, J. and C. Keppler. Influence of nutrient loading on seasonal phytoplankton community variability in the ACE Basin, South Carolina. In preparation.

2.  Sanger, D.M., Smith, E.M., Voulgaris, G., Koepfler, E.T., Libes, S.M., Riekerk, G.H.M., Bergquist, D.C., Greenfield, D.I., Wren, P.A., McCoy, C.A., Viso, R.F., Peterson, R.N., and J.D. Whitaker. Constrained enrichment contributes to hypoxia formation in Long Bay, South Carolina, an open water urbanized coastaline. In Revision. Marine Ecology Progress Series.

3.  *Siegel, A., Cotti-Rausch, B, Greenfield, D.I., and J. Pinckney. Nutrient controls of planktonic cyanobacteria abundance in coastal stormwater detention ponds. Accepted. Marine Ecology Progress Series.

4.  Ryan, J., Greenfield, D.I., Marin, R. III, Preston, C., Birch, J., Doucette, G.J., and C.A. Scholin. Harmful phytoplankton ecology studies using a molecular/environmental observing network. Accepted. Limnology and Oceanography.

5.  Doucette, G.J., C.M. Mikulski, K.L. Jones, K.L. King, Greenfield, D.I., R. Marin III, S. Jensen, B. Roman, C.T. Elliott, and C.A. Scholin (2009) Remote, subsurface detection of the algal toxin domoic acid onboard the Environmental Sample Processor: assay development and field trials. Harmful Algae. 8: 880-888.

Dianne I. Greenfield, Ph.D.

Dianne I. Greenfield, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor,

Ph.D., Stony Brook University , NY

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