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 Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences | Faculty | Eric R. Lacy, Ph.D.

Eric R. Lacy, Ph.D.

Research Interest:
Stingray osmoregulation and reproduction. Research is focused on two aspects of stingray structure and function. We investigate the role of peritoneal fluid in the acid/base balance and osmoregulation in euryhaline stingrays. We are identifying and characterizing molecules in fluids secreted by accessory reproductive organs.

Selected Publications:
1.  Janech MJ, Fitzgibbon WR, Ploth DW, Lacy ER, Miller DH. Effect of low environmental salinity on plasma composition and renal function of the Atlantic stingray,a euryhaline elasmobranch.(Am.J.Physiol.Renal,2006,291:F770-780)

2.  Lovelace, S, Dombrowski, K, Holland, F, Lacy, E. The Hollings Marine Laboratory, A Model for Collaborative Research. Integrating Environment and Human Health.. 7th National Conference on Integrating Science, Policy, and the Environment. Washington, DC. Feb 1-2, 2007

3.  Adair Dempsey, Michael Janech, Eric R. Lacy and Wayne Fitzgibbon. Localization of Facilitated Urea Transporters to Tubular Segments in the Bundle and Sinus Zones of the Kidney of the Euryhaline Stingray, Dasyatis sabina. Am. Soc. Icthyology &.Herptetology, St. Louis, MO. June, 2007

4.  Lacy,ER. Acid-base and osmoregulation in the Atlantic stingray: possible role for coelomic fluid. American Elasmobranch Society Annual Meeting, 2002, Manaus, Brazil.

5.  Lacy ER. Clasper Gland and Alkaline Glands of Batiods. In Hamlett WM, ed Reproductive Biology and phylogeny of Chrondichthyes: Sharks, Skates, Stingrays and Chimaeras. Science Publishers Inc. Plymouth, UK. 2005

Eric R. Lacy, Ph.D.

Eric R. Lacy, Ph.D.

Director & Professor Emeritus, Marine Biomedicine & Environmental Sciences Center Oceans & Human Health Trainging Program, Medical University of South Carolina, MUSC

Ph.D. State University of New York - Buffalo

Dr. Lacy's Contact Information

Dept. Regenerative Medicine & Cell Biology
173 Ashley Ave. BSB 625
Charleston, SC 29425

Phone: (843)792-3549