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Jo-Ann C. Leong, Ph.D.

Research Interest:
Molecular Virology, Vaccine Development, Environment and diseases of marine organisms.  We are currently developing a vaccine for Cryptokaryon irritans and Neobenedinia spp. infections in marine fin fish aquaculture.   We are also working with Professor Mathias Ackermann (University of Zurich) to characterize the green turtle fibropapilloma herpes virus.  He has succeeded in cloning and sequencing the entire viral genome of this herpes virus and has isolated the F-sialyl transferase gene.  Examination of the role of this gene in tumor formation has been the focus of recent research.  Our interests in the role of different pathogens in coral disease and the develop of a laboratory model for examining coral disease pathogenesis is also a focus of our research with Dr. Greta Aeby and Dr. Teresa Lewis.

Selected Publications:
1.  Ackermann, M., M. Koriabine, P. J. De Jong, T. D. Lewis, U. Buchler, T. M. Work, J. Degenais, G. H. Balazs, and J. C. Leong. 2008. Detection of a gene encoding sialylytransferase in a BAC comprising the genome of the fibropapilloma-associate turtle herpesvirus. Virology, accepted.

2.  Van Oppen, Madeleine JH, Jo-Ann Leong, Ruth D. Gates. 2008 Coral-virus interactions: a double-edged sword? Symbiosis, Accepted.

3.  Palumbi, S.R., J. D. Allen, M. W. Beck, D. G. Fautin, M.J. Fogarty, B. S. Halpern, L.S. Incze, J. Leong, E. Norse, J. J. Stachowicz, D. H. Wall, and P. A. Sandifer. 2008. Managing for Ocean Biodiversity: Creating a National Biodiversity Agenda to Sustain Marine Ecosystem Services. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, accepted.

4.  Misumi, I., T. Yada, J. C. Leong, and C. B. Schreck. (2008) The effect of in vitro exposure to tributylin on the immune competence of Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) leukocytes. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, in press.

5.  Robertsen, B., J. Zou, C. Secombes, J. Leong. 2006. Molecular and expression analysis of an interferon-gamma inducible guanylate-binding protein from rainbow trout. Developmental & Comparative Immunology 30(11): 1023-1033.

Jo-Ann C. Leong, Ph.D.
Jo-Ann C. Leong, Ph.D.

Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology

Ph.D., University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco

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