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Annalaura Mancia, Ph.D.

Research Interest:
My current research is based on the study of marine mammal biology, health and physiology through the establishment of cellular and molecular methods, novel to marine mammal science. In particular, I am interested in a systems-level approach where transcriptomic, physiological and ecological data are combined to understand (and predict) how marine mammals interact with the environment and respond to infectious disease. Applications for these newly developed methods range from understanding the evolution of the immune system and developmental processes to gain insight into the ancestral relationship between organisms, to the impact of a changing environment on the health status of mammals that returned to the aquatic environment in which they spend all (e.g. dolphin and whales) or most (e.g sea lions and seals) of their life.

Selected Publications:

1. C. Sissi, E. Leo, S. Moro, G. Capranico, A. Mancia, E. Menta, A.P. Krapcho, M. Palumbo. “Antitumor aza-anthrapyrazoles: biophysical and biochemical studies on 8-aza and 9-aza regioisomers”. Biochemical Pharmacology, 67 (2004), 631-642.

2.  M. Alessandri, G. Beretta, E. Ferretti, A. Mancia, A. Khobta, G. Capranico. “Enhanced CPT sensitivity of yeast cells and selective relaxation of Gal4 motif-containing DNA by novel Gal4-Topoisomerase I fusion proteins”. Journal of Molecular Biology, 337 (2004), 295-305.

3.  Mancia A., Romano T.A., Gefroh H.A., Chapman R.W., Middleton D.L., Warr G.W., and Lundqvist M.L. “The Immunoglobulin G Heavy Chain (IGHG) Genes of the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus”. Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol., 144/1 (2006), 38-46.

4.  Mancia A., Lundqvist M.L., Romano T.A., Peden-Adams M.M., Fair P.A., Kindy M.S., Ellis B.C., Gattoni-Celli S., McKillen D.J., Trent H.F. , Chen Y.A., Almeida J.S., Gross P.S., Chapman R.W., Warr G.W. “A Dolphin Peripheral Blood Leukocyte cDNA Microarray for Studies of Immune Function and Stress Reactions”. Dev Comp Immunol. (2007), 31(5):520-9.

5.  Jenny M.J., Chapman R. W., Mancia A., Chen Y.A., McKillen D.J., Trent H.F., Lang P., Escoubas J., Bachere E., Buolo V., Liu Z. J., Gross P. S., Cunningham C., Cupit P. M., Tanguy A., Guo X., Moraga D., Boutet I., Huvet A., De Guise S., Almeida J.S., Warr G. W. “A cDNA Microarray for Crassostrea virginica and C. gigas”. Mar Biotechnol (NY), (2007), Sep-Oct;9(5):577-91.

Annalaura Mancia, Ph.D.

Annalaura Mancia, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor,
University of Ferrara (Italy)
Department of Biology and Evolution
Section of Comparative Anatomy

Ph.D., University of Bologna, Italy

Dr. Mancia's Contact Information