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 Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences | Faculty | R. Sean Norman, Ph.D.

R. Sean Norman, Ph.D.

Research Interest:
My research interests center around using molecular-based approaches to understand how bacteria affect ecosystem and human health. We are using these approaches to examine:

  1. How bacteria communicate and coordinate gene expression by exploring the diversity of genes involved in bacterial cell density dependent gene regulation and how these processes affect microbial community functional diversity in numerous ecosystems.
  2. The potential of using novel nanotechnology-based therapeutics as an alternative to traditional antibiotic treatment of infectious bacterial infections.
  3. How society is impacting the adaptation and evolution of microbial pathogens in coastal ecosystems.
  4. The use of state-of-the-art DNA sequencing technologies to explore the metagenomes/metatranscriptomes of marine stromatolites and hypersaline microbial mats.
  5. The molecular mechanisms of biofuel production by complex microbial communities.

Selected Publications: 

1.  Norman, R.S., R.G. Taylor, E.B. Fichot, B.S. Bey, A.W. Decho, and G. Dayama.
Metatranscriptomic analysis of quorum sensing induced changes in microbial mat
community gene expression. In prep.
2.  Taylor, R.G., B.S. Bey, G. Dayama, A.W. Decho, and R.S. Norman. Microbial diversity
among the rare members of a hypersaline mat. In prep.
3.  Taylor, R.G., E.B. Fichot, P.T. Visscher, A.W. Decho, and R.S. Norman. A draft genome
sequence of a Desulfovibrio isolated from a marine stromatolite provides insight into the
metabolic diversity within marine lithyfying microbial mats. In prep.
4.  Bey, B.S., E.B. Fichot, R.G. Taylor, A.W. Decho, and R.S. Norman. Diversity of quorum
sensing genes in a hypersaline microbial mat. In prep.
5.  Uyaguari, M., E.B. Fichot, G. Scott, and R.S. Norman. 2010. Abundance of a novel
antibiotic resistance gene within a wastewater treatment facility and surrounding coastal
ecosystem. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Submitted.
R. Sean Norman, Ph.D.
R. Sean Norman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, University of South Carolina

Ph.D., Medical University of South Carolina, SC

Dr. Norman's Contact Information

University of South Carolina
921 Assembly Street
Columbia, SC 29208