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 Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences | Faculty | Paul A. Sandifer, Ph.D.

Paul A. Sandifer, Ph.D.

Research Interest:
Ecotoxicology, public policy.

Selected Publications:

1.  Palumbi, S. R., P. A. Sandifer, J. D. Allan, M. W. Beck, D. G. Fautin, M. J. Fogarty, B. S. Halpern, L. S. Incze, J-A. Leong, E. Norse, J. J. Stachowicz, and D. H. Wall. In press. Managing for ocean biodiversity: creating a national biodiversity conservation agenda to sustain marine ecosystem services. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

2.  Rosenberg, A. A. and P. A. Sandifer. In press. A Managers’ perspective: Developing the Scientific and technical basis for implementing marine ecosystem-based management.Pages 000-000 in K. L. McLeod and H. M. Leslie, editors. Ecosystem-Based Management for the Oceans: Applying Resilience Thinking. Island Press, Washington, DC.

3.  Klopchin, J. L., J. R. Stewart, L. F. Webster, and P.A. Sandifer. 2008. Assessment of environmental impacts of a colony of free-ranging Rhesus monkeys (Macca mulatta) on Morgan Island, South Carolina. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 137(1-3): 301-313.

4.  Sandifer, P., C. Sotka, D. Garrison, and V. Fay. 2007. Interagency oceans and human health research implementation plan: a prescription for the future. Interagency Working Group on Harmful Algal Blooms, Hypoxia and Human Health of the Joint Subcommittee on Ocean Science and Technology. Washington, DC. 92. pp.

5.  Merrick, R (Chair)., R. Kelty, T. Ragen, T. Rowles, P. Sandifer, B. Schroeder, S. Swartz, and N. Valette-Silver. 2007. Report of the Protected Species SAIP Tier III Workshop, 7-10 March 2006, Silver Spring, MD. U.S. Dep. Commerce, NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-F/SPO-78, 79 p.

Paul A. Sandifer, Ph.D.

Paul A. Sandifer, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Coastal Ecology, NOAA/National Ocean Service
Hollings Marine Laboratory, Charleston, SC

Ph.D., University of Virginia

Dr. Sandifer's Contact Information