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 Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences | Faculty | Lori H. Schwacke, Ph.D.

Lori H. Schwacke, Ph.D.

Research Interest:
Marine animal health, wildlife epidemiology, population risk assessment. Primary interest is to develop diagnostic, observational and epidemiological tools to understand the causes and consequences of disease in marine organisms. Current research focuses on developing models to assess spatial and temporal trends of health and toxin exposure for marine mammal populations and evaluate likely impacts of disease on populations and/or ecosystems.

Selected Publications: 

1.  Bejarano, A.C., F.M. VanDolah, F.M. Gulland, T.K. Rowles, L.H. Schwacke (in press). Production and Toxicity of the Marine Biotoxin Domoic Acid and Its Effects on Wildlife: A Review. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment.

2.  Bejarano, A.C., F.M. Gulland, T. Goldstein, J. St. Leger, M. Hunter, L.H. Schwacke, F.M. VanDolah, T.K. Rowles (in press). Demographics and spatio-temporal signature of the biotoxin domoic acid in California sea lion (Zaluphus californianus) stranding records. Marine Mammal Science.

3.  Hall, A.J., F.M. Gulland, J. A.Hammond and L. H. Schwacke (in press). Epidemiology, Disease and Health Assessment, In: Techniques in Ecology and Conservation Marine Mammal Ecology, I. Boyd, D. Bowen and S. Iverson (eds).

4.  Bejarano, A.C., F.M. VanDolah, F.M. Gulland, L.H. Schwacke 2007. Exposure Assessment of the Biotoxin Domoic Acid in California Sea Lions: Application of a Bioenergetic Model, Marine Ecology Progress Series 345:293-304.

5.  Hall, A.J., B.J. McConnell, T.K. Rowles, J. Kucklick, L.H. Schwacke, R.S. Wells 2006. Population Consequences of Polychorinated Biphenyl Exposure in Bottlenose Dolphins – an Individual Based Model Approach. Environmental Health Perspectives, 114, Supplement 1, 60-64.

Lori H. Schwacke, Ph.D.
Lori h. Schwacke, Ph.D.

Research Statistician, Hollings Marine Laboratory
National Ocean Service
Charleston, SC

Ph.D., Medical University of South Carolina

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