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Geoffrey I. Scott, Ph.D.

Research Interest:
Environmental toxicology, marine ecotoxicology.; marine microbiology related seafood safety; endocrine disruption in invertebrates; Research has focused on the effects of urban and agricultural nonpoint source runoff on estuarine ecosystem health. This has included research which has assessed both the lethal and sublethal effects of chemical contaminants and methods to discern impacts from ecosystem process changes versus chemical contaminant effects and linking land use activities with environmental water quality indicators. Research incorporates a laboratory, mesocosm and field components to study emerging contiminants of concern including pharmaceuticals and personal care products and nanno particles; research integration to develop robust predictive ecotox models.

Current or past member of the EPA Advisory Panels on (1) Contaminants of Emerging Concern; (2) Technology Verification Board; (3) Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Panel on Genetically Modified Crops

Selected Publications: 

1.  Christl, T. J., E. R. James, K. J. Karnaky, Jr., G. I. Scott.  2008.Analysis of the C-terminus of a Pgp homolog in the Eastern oyster (Crassostrea viriginica), and the interaction of that homolog with the contaminant creosote. Aquatic Toxicology: In Review.

2.  Jenkins, P., G I. Scott, E. D. Strozier, S. Sivertsen and A. Dias. 2008. General physiological responses of the oyster,Crassostrea virginica, exposed to managed and unmanaged agricultural nonpoint source runoff in estuarine ecosystems. Submitted to Aquatic Toxicology: In review.

3.  Kelsey, H., L. Webster, J. Stewart, D. Kenney, G. I. Scott. 2008. Spatial and Temporal Variability of Ribotyping Results at a Golf Course in Beaufort, South Carolina. Submitted to Water Research Accepted for Publication.

4.  Scott, G.I, M.H. Fulton, G. T. Chadler, A.F Holland, P. S. Sandifer and D. Porter. 2008. Global warming and coastal development: A recipe for disaster. Oxford University Round Table on Global Warming: In review.

5.  Scott, G. I. , S. Cross, J. Miglarese, K. Kirkwood, J. Richter, J. Burdine, J. Rice, P. Lee, S. Fiinckley, J. Shelton, E. Strom, J. Davis, T. Caver, L. Brock, W. McFee, and S. Morton. 2008. Development of An Environmental Surveillance Network for the State of South Carolina to Notify Public Health Preparedness Managers of Potential Bioterrorism Activity Affecting the Environment.. Risk Wise: In review. 

Geoffrey I. Scott, Ph.D.
Geoffrey I. Scott, Ph.D.

Center Director
Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research

Ph.D., University of South Carolina

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