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Erik E. Sotka, Ph.D.

Research Interest:

I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in marine biotic interactions, detoxification of secondary metabolites produced by marine prey, population genetics. Local adaptation and larval dispersal.

Selected Publications:

1.  Geller, J.*, Sotka, E.E.*, R. Kado, S.R. Palumbi, and E. Schmidt (2008) Pathways of invasion of a northeastern Pacific acorn barnacle, Balanus glandula in Japan and Argentina [* denotes equal co-authors] Marine Ecology Progress Series 258: 211-218

2.  Sotka, E.E. (2008) Clines. In: Encyclopedia of Ecology, ed: S.V. Jørgensen. Elsevier.

3.  Sotka, E.E. and K.E. Whalen (2008) Herbivore offense in the sea: the detoxification and transport of algal secondary metabolites. Pp. 203-228 In: Algal Chemical Ecology, ed. C. Amsler. Blackwell.

4.  Poore, A.G.B., N.A. Hill, and E.E. Sotka (2008) Phylogenetic and geographic variation in host breadth and composition used by herbivorous amphipods in the family Ampithoidae. Evolution 62: 21-38

5.  Couceiro, L., R. Barreiro, J.M. Ruiz and E.E. Sotka (2007) Genetic isolation-by-distance among populations of the netted dog whelk Nassarius reticulatus (L.) along the European Atlantic coastline. Journal of Heredity 98: 603-610

Erik E. Sotka, Ph.D.

Erik E. Sotka, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
College of Charleston, Charleston SC

Ph.D., University of NC, Chapel Hill

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