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Allan Strand, Ph.D.

Research Interest:
My interests revolve around population and evolutionary biology. In particular, I am interested in modeling population processes and applying those models to real-world situations. Most of my work treats populations in the traditional sense as collections of individual organisms, but I have recently been using population-biology tools to model populations of roots in forest soils

Selected Publications:

1.  Pritchard, S.; Strand, A.; McCormack, ML; Davis, M.; Finzi, A.; Jackson, R.; Matamala, R.; Rogers, H. & Oren, R. Fine root dynamics in a loblolly pine forest are influenced by Free-Air-CO2-Enrichment (FACE): a six year minirhizotron study Global Change Biology, 2008, 14: 1-15

2.  Strand, A.; Pritchard, S.; McCormack, M.; Davis, M. & Oren, R. Irreconcilable differences: fine root lifespans and soil carbon persistence Science, 2008, 319, 456-458

3.  Pritchard, S. G. & Strand, A. E. Can you believe what you see? Reconciling minirhizotron and isotopically derived estimates of fine root longevity. New Phyologist, 2008, 177, 287-291

4.  Pairon, M.; Strand, A. E. & Jacqumart, A. Predictions of local invasion dynamics of Prunus serotina using an individual-based modelling approach Molecular Ecology, 2007, in review

5.  Pritchard, S. G.; McCormack, M. L.; Davis, M. A.; Strand, A.; Jackson, R. & Oren, R. Fine root production and turnover of a loblolly pine forest exposed to free-air-CO2-enrichment and N fertilization. Tree Physiology, 2007, submitted

Allan Strand, Ph.D.

Allan Strand, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Biology
College of Charleston

Ph.D., New Mexico State University

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