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Below is a list of the current doctoral students. Research topics can be found on each individual student page. MBES admits up to 5 new students per year.  ‚Ä®Representative career positions after the MBES doctorate are given on the alumni page.

Students entering the MUSC Graduate School officially choose a mentor and a program (e.g. Marine Biomedicine) 9 months after they matriculate and after having done 3 rotations in various labs. Thus these students are uncommitted to a program or a mentor upon arrival at MUSC. However students indicate on their applications to graduate school and through consultations with faculty advisors their programmatic interests.

Summer Undergraduate Students Information

Current Doctoral Students
Fifth Year
Theresa Cantu
Abby Goodson
Fourth Year
Jenny Kemper
Alexis Temkin
Third Year
Jacqueline Bangma
Thomas Galligan
Matthew Hale
Frances Nilsen

Previous Year Students

- 2014
- 2013
- 2012
- 2011
- 2010
- 2009
- 2008
- 2007
- 2006
- 2005
- 2004

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