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Division of Infectious Diseases

Faculty Directory

Division Director

Cassandra D. Salgado, M.D., M.S.
Director, Infection Control, Hospital Epidemiologist
Director, Fellowship Program
Joint Appointment in Public Health Sciences

J. Robert Cantey, M.D.
Medical Director, Vascular Access Program
John A. Bosso, PharmD
Joint Appointment with College of Pharmacy and Outcome Sciences

Susan Dorman, M.D.

M. A. Julia Westerink, M.D.

John Gnann, Jr, M.D.
Medical Director, Antibiotic Stewardship Program

Associate Professors
L.W. Preston Church, M.D.
Chief, Charleston VAMC Infectious Diseases
Director, Charleston VAMC Hospital Epidemiology

Allison Ross Eckard, M.D.
Director, HIV Transition ID Clinic

Jeffrey Korte, Ph.D.
Public Health Sciences

Camelia Marculescu, M.D., M.C.S.R
Director, Bone and Joint Infection Program

Dannah W. Wray, MD                                
Director, Out-Patient ID Clinics
Director, Transplant ID Program
Assistant Professor
Wei Jiang, M.D.
Joint Appointment in Medicine & Microbiology/Immunology
Evgenia Kagan, M.D.
Gweneth Lazenby, M.D., MSCR
Adjunct Appointment with Medicine & OB/GYN
Director, HIV Women's Services
Shawn MacVane, PharmD
Adjunct Appointment with Pharmacy
Eric Meissner, M.D., Ph.D.
Joint Appointment in Medicine & Microbiology/Immunology

Scott Curry, M.D.
Associate Hospital Epidemiologist

Heather Hughes, M.D.

Jessica Lewis, M.D.

Stephanie Kirk, PharmD

Amanda L. Parks, M.D.

Nurse Practitioner
Jane Reno-Munro, ANP
Adjunct Professors
Robert T. Ball, JR, MD MPH FACP 


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