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Department of Medicine

Welcome MUSC Medical Students

Welcome to your internal medicine clerkship.  We are genuinely delighted to have you join us. Over the next two years you will visit us several times. Through these experiences, we expect that you will acquire fundamental skills, reinforce and expand your knowledge, and develop personally and professionally.  Whether your goals include becoming an internist or you are seeking a solid medical foundation to take care of patients in another specialty, we are here to assist you as you meet those goals.

We wish you the most exciting, stimulating, rewarding, and transforming experience possible over the upcoming years.  Our Web site includes a wide range of information and resources that we think you will find useful as you begin your clerkship here at MUSC.  Use the links below to learn more.


College of Medicine Policies

Our Team

Duty Hours

Research Opportunities

Absence Policy

Attending Responsibilities

Resident Responsibilities

Grade Grievance Form

Third Year Medical Students

Fourth Year Medical Students

Dean's Office

DOM Underrepresented Clerkship Program

Visiting Students

Didactic Information

EPIC Instructions

College of Medicine Institutional Learning Objective

"While on the medicine rotation, students develop the best medical information base in order to realize what their limitations are, a sign of being a fine physician."  - Julius Sagel M.D