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Core Pulmonary Conference Description

Daily Conferences

Monday and Tuesday:
Pulmonary/Critical Care Core Curriculum Conference

This hour-long conference is a clinically-oriented presentation by the faculty and fellows of problems and techniques in pulmonary and critical care medicine. Content is based on the ABIM core curriculum for Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine. 

Thoracic Tumor Board

This is a multidisciplinary conference with medical oncology, radiation therapy, radiology and thoracic surgery held at the Hollings Cancer Center, where case management decisions are discussed.

Pulmonary Grand Rounds: Case Conference

The fellows present the most interesting and difficult recent cases as unknowns, after which the faculty and fellows discuss differential diagnosis, diagnostic approach, and treatment options. Cases are reviewed with the conference coordinator in advance and suggestions are provided on teaching points, areas to highlight, and tips on leading the discussion.

Career Development Conference Series 

Friday noon meetings are devoted to the improvement of scientific skills and knowledge, and acquiring academic skills necessary for success

First Friday: Pulmonary Biology Research Seminar is a showcase for completed research by faculty and fellows. The conference also features speakers from other divisions and departments within the University and guest speakers from outside MUSC. The one-hour luncheon meeting typically includes presentation of research results, discussions of experimental design and methods, and suggestions from the audience for future studies.

Third Friday: Research Work-in-progress (RWIP).  This is a forum for fellows and faculty to get feedback about planned and ongoing research projects.  The RWIP  is designed to be a supportive environment where investigators bring research projects for critical evaluation and discussion.  Projects are welcome at every phase from "twinkle in the eye" through implementation and pre-presentation practice.  No project can be presented too early or too often.

Second and Fourth Friday: Career Development. These sessions focus on topics critical for professional success such as scientific writing, oral presentations, poster presentations, grant writing, CV review, job negotiations and responsible conduct of research   

Monthly Conferences

Journal Club
This Wednesday evening meeting of fellows and faculty is designed to update attendees with the latest investigations and to teach trainees methods for evaluating scientific literature, while enjoying pizza and drinks.  Two articles are presented: a recently published article that highlights new and/or controversial scientific findings, and a “classic” article that has changed clinical practice.  Spirited discussion follows a brief organized presentation of the paper over pizza and drinks.

Critical-Care Grand Rounds
This is a monthly activity sponsored by the Critical-Care Services, and is a multidisciplinary conference attended by various critical care disciplines; surgical, neuro, medical and anesthesia, and different members of the ICU care team, including nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapists and pharmacists.

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