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Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine

Welcome to the Department of Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina.  The Department has active and vibrant programs in all of our tripartite missions – which include education, research, and patient care.  The Department is currently made up of 9 divisions, including over 230 faculty members, nearly 180 residents and fellows, and a superb staff with outstanding skill and expertise.

Our vision is to lead and transform academic Internal Medicine through innovation in research, education, and clinical care.


Our educational mission strives to train the next generation of internists.  Educational opportunities are multiple, with an outstanding core residency program, and fellowship programs in all subspecialty divisions.  In all of these areas, we strive to ensure that our trainee rotations are focused on educational priorities rather than service needs.  We are committed to education in patient care, research, as well as in professionalism and leadership.  We are additionally committed to interdisciplinary educational efforts, including working with a broad range of medical professionals.  Finally, the department is committed to life long learning, and strives to prepare trainees for long and productive careers in internal medicine.


The Department is aggressively expanding and developing its research programs.  With research expertise in the areas of tissue injury, inflammation, and fibrosis, the Department has developed a thematic national and international presence in these areas.  Several fundamental priorities include mentorship of trainees as well as junior faculty, and collaborative research efforts.  The Department has recently developed a new and highly effective Faculty Mentoring Program, ideally suited to help and support junior faculty members develop their careers. 

The Department also has a very strong clinical and translational research portfolio, and strives to ensure that “every patient” has an opportunity to participate in research trials.

Patient Care

The MUSC Department of Medicine has a long-standing reputation for excellence in patient care.  Multiple Departmental programs are currently ranked as the best programs in the state of South Carolina, and in the region.  We continue to strive to be a premier and desired site of care.  Recent efforts toward data-driven high value (highest quality at lowest cost) clinical care now permeate throughout the Department.

News and Events

U.S. News & World Report logo

MUSC Named No. 1 Hospital in the State by U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report has ranked MUSC as the No. 1 hospital in South Carolina, with two Internal Medicine subspecialties ranking in the top fifty (cancer #24 and nephrology #46) and four recognized as high-performing (gastroenterology & GI surgery, geriatrics, pulmonology, and rheumatology).


Employee of the Quarter Winners

Congratulations to our Employees of the Quarter for the 4th Quarter of FY18:

Mary Ann Snell, Yingyu Ren, and Angela Robinson



Dr. Rubinstein and Dr. Wrangle

New immunotherapy for lung cancer shows promise of success

Novel combination of drugs is a huge step forward in cancer treatment


Dr. Rockey with Patient

'Do You Drink?'

Not much, but she got cirrhosis anyway due to a different cause. MUSC is running multiple studies designed to fight chronic liver disease.