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Multicultural Student Advisory Board

MSAB Constitution


Respectively Submitted,
Zara E. Sadler – MSAB Chair
Tedric Henningan – MSAB Treasurer
Octavis Peck – MSAB Secretary/SGA Rep.
Nicole Redmond – MGSA President
Kimbly Walker – SNPha President
Stacy Harris – ABHP President
Joel Belton – SNMA President
Joni James – SNMA Rep.
Cheria Bell – SNDA President
Cynthia Washington – MSNA President
Mia Barron – MSNA Rep
Alema Galijatovic – International Association President
Kathy Whitaker – OD Representative
Ericka Evans – CDM OD Representative

Revised 08/01/08
by a 2/3 majority vote of the members present


Vision/Mission Statement

The Multicultural Student Advisory Board seeks to enhance/promote interdisciplinary networks for the multicultural student organizations whose membership are pursuing careers in the health/biomedical sciences by increasing communication and collaboration between our organizations, the administration and the MUSC community at large.

Article I.    Name of Organization

The name of the organization shall be the Multicultural Student Advisory Board (MSAB) of the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

Article II.    Purpose

The objective e of this organization shall be:

  • to enhance the well being of all students presently enrolled at the Medical University of South Carolina with particular concern to specific needs of students who are historically under represented in the health care professions;
  • to facilitate and coordinate activities and encourage the exchange of information and ideas between students under represented in health care professions, university administration, other student organizations and alumni;
  • to encourage and aid in the recruitment of students under represented in health care professions to the various colleges of the Medical University of South Carolina;
  • to plan activities that will be socially, culturally, and educationally enriching to the membership and the university community;
  • to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among the member colleges in order to enhance the efficient solution of common and/or particular problems; and
  • to encourage student involvement in community activities.

Article III.    Membership

Each of the multicultural student organizations at the Medical University of South Carolina mentioned below is expected to annually identify 2 members (1 Executive Board member and one general member) for representation on MSAB in order to attend monthly meetings and facilitate effective/adequate communication:

CHPStudent Health Professionals United in Recognizing Diversity (SHPURD)
DentalStudent National Dental Association (SNDA)
Graduate StudiesMulticultural Graduate Student Association (MGSA)
MedicineStudent National Medical Association (SNMA)
NursingMulticultural Student Nursing Association (MSNA)
PharmacyStudent National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA)
University-wideInternational Association (IA)
Alliance for Hispanic Health (AHH)
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

Additional student organizations may seek membership to MSAB upon approval by the MSAB by a majority vote.  Said groups must first obtain official recognition by the Student Government Association.  Any student organization that is appointed shall have the same voting rights and privileges as other member organizations.

All representatives on MSAB must be students in good standing at MUSC as determined by the individual colleges under their respective grading systems.

Article IV.    Officers

A.  The Officers of MSAB shall be elected, unless otherwise specified, at the annual summer planning meeting from MSAB membership with terms commencing the following fiscal year.  The Officers of MSAB shall consist of Chairperson, Co-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and SGA Representative.  These offices may not be filled by the same member organization in a given year and may not be filled 2 consecutive years by the same representative.  They shall hold office for a period of one year until their successors are duly selected.

B.  Vacancies in any office due to death, resignation or other inability to serve shall be filled immediately.  The person chosen shall remain in office until his/her successor is duly elected at the first meeting of the fall semester of the following year.

C.  The duties of the Chairperson (Chair) shall be to preside at all meeting of the MSAB, unless he/she designate someone to preside in his/her stead.  The Chairperson shall be an ex officio member of all standing committees, shall represent MSAN in an official capacity and shall have usual powers of supervision and management as may pertain to the Office or as shall be assigned to him/her.  He/she shall be familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order.

D.  The duties of the Co-Chair shall be, in the event of absence, disability or death of the Chair, to exercise the powers and perform the duties of parliamentarian and such other duties as the Chair or Executive Council may assign him/her.  The Co-Chair may also assist the Chair in conducting the routine business of the organization.  He/she shall be familiar with
Robert’s Rules of Order.

E.  The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep minutes of all meetings of the MSAB, make up the agenda for meetings, keep a roll of membership, supervise the balloting of all elections and perform such other functions as may be incidental to the office.

F.  The duties of the Treasurer shall be to keep and report accurate records of all accounts.  The Treasurer will also be responsible of drafting an annual budget of expenses and income to present at the annual MSAB retreat early summer of each calendar year.

The duties of the MSAB SGA rep shall be to regularly attend all meetings and events planned by the SGA. The SGA rep will also be responsible for establishing a working calendar of events to be distributed at monthly meetings.  The MSAB SGA rep will be elected not later than the first General Body meeting of an academic year.

Article V.    Faculty/Staff Consultant/Advisor

The selection of an advisor is at the discretion of the MSAB as required by all registered student organizations.  This person must be a full-time University employee.

Article VI.     Committees

Ad Hoc Committee
Committees shall be appointed by the Chairperson on an ad hoc basis.

Article VII.    Meetings

A.  The regular meetings of the MSAB shall be held monthly.  The Chairperson may, however, change the date of the regular meeting or call a special meeting provided the members are notified by mail, email, or other means of direct contact, one week in advance of the said meeting. General body meetings shall be open to all MUSC students.

B.  The format of any and all meetings shall conform to the guidelines laid down in Robert’s Rules of Order.

C.  The entire Executive Boards of the member organizations will be required to attend a ½ day planning retreat with the Office of Diversity at MUSC in early spring/summer to establish a working calendar, proposed budget, and plan events for the next fiscal term.

Article VIII.    Amendments

These bylaws may be amended at any regularly scheduled meeting by a 2/3 majority vote of the members present.

Article IX.    Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the MSAB shall be from August to August of each year.

Article X.    Budget

A.  It shall be the decision of this organization by majority vote, upon recommendation of the Officers, at the beginning of each academic year whether or not to collect an assessment from each member organization proportional to their membership.  If assessments are collected, the fund-raising committee will decide upon an amount and bring their recommendation to the body for approval by majority voted.

B.  The MSAB will establish a general balanced budget plan each year.  A proposed budget will be prepared by the Treasurer in conjunction with the Chairperson and MSAN representatives to the MSAB at the annual summer retreat.  The budget may be approved by a simple majority vote at the meeting.

Founding Members of MSAB Spring 2000:

Zara E. Sadler – MSAB Chair
Tedric Henningan – MSAB Treasurer
Patrice Sykes – SNPhA Treasurer
Adrick Harrision – ABHP President
Jason Robinson – SNMA Vice President
Dwayne McClerkin – SNMA Treasurer
Melvin Brown – MSU President
Stephanie Stevenson – SNDA President
Nicole Redmond – MGSA Secretary/Treasurer
.Demetrica Bookert – MSNA President
Antoine Makhlouf – International Association President
Kathy Whitaker – OD Representative
Al Cheek – OD Representative

For inclusion in the Constitutions of each of the Member Organizations in MSAB:

Duties of MSAB Representatives:

Two members of the organization (member organization name) shall annually serve as representatives to MSAB.  The MSAB (member organization) representatives shall regularly attend MSAB meetings and shall be voting members of the MSAB.  He/she may appoint a replacement for MSAB meetings if he/she is unable to attend.


The entire Executive Boards of the (member organization name) will be required to attend a ½ day planning retreat with the MSAB and Office of Student Diversity at MUSC in early spring/summer to establish a working calendar, proposed general budget and plan events for the next fiscal year.

Revised 08/01/08 by MSAB 


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