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Admission Requirements

All Students

In order to be admitted into the MSCR Global Program, students must possess a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree in a health sciences related subject.

MUSC also requires students to submit their transcripts to World Education Services (WES) for a complete transcript evaluation. Students with a Grade Points Average (GPA) equivalent to a 3.0 or higher will be eligible for admissions.

Additionally all students must submit certified English Language Test scores upon applying. Acceptable tests and associated minimum scores include:

TOEFL - minimum score of 80

IELTS - minimum score of 6.0

PTE Academic – minimum score of 50

Those students wishing to study in the United States must also submit financial documentation showing they have the liquid cash readily available to support tuition, room and board for the entire 12 months of the program. This amount is decided upon by the MUSC Office of International Support, and is adjusted annually to account for increases or decreases in tuition and cost of living.

Tuition and Fees

Those students wishing to study at one of the global sites will be required to pay the tuition and fee rates of that partnering institution. Please contact that particular institution to learn about their rates.

Those students choosing to study on the MUSC campus will be required to pay the entire year's tuition in one installment, prior to arriving in the United States. This payment is done via wire transfer. Students should be aware that some banks charge a small fee for wire transfers, which is taken out of the total amount. Therefore, students should account for that fee when deciding the total amount to be wired.

Student Health Insurance

Those students choosing to study on the MUSC campus will be required to enroll in the Pearce and Pearce health insurance policy.  Students must go online each semester to accept the Pearce and Pearce Terms & Conditions. The fee for Student Health Insurance is paid up front for the entire year, and is applied to the tuition bill.

Financial Aid

The MSCR Global Program does not provide financial aid.

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Arrival On Campus

Visa Requirements

Students are required to arrive on campus at MUSC no later than August 1st. Once on campus, students should contact Lisa Frawley, MSCR Global Program Coordinator, to set up a time to check into the SEVIS system. Students should be able to provide their passport, visa and completed Student Health Packet at that time. Students who do not check into SEVIS within 30 days of arrival in the United States will be reported to the United States Department of Homeland Security, and their visas will be cancelled.

Student Housing

Those students choosing to study on the MUSC campus are responsible for making their own arrangements for housing. MUSC does not provide on-campus housing. Please visit MUSC's Off-Campus Housing Web site at to find information regarding roommates or available units for rent.

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After Graduation

Job Placements and Internships

While MUSC does not ensure job placements or internships to students after graduation, the faculty and staff are always ready and willing to write letters of recommendation on behalf of those students who excel in the program.

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Those students who arrive in the United States on time for the beginning of the academic year, and who remain on campus for the entire 365 days of the program, will be eligible for OPT. The MSCR Global Program does not arrange for OPT. These opportunities must be arranged independently by the student.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much money should I bring with me for my first month in Charleston?

We recommend you bring about $1,000 to cover housing, transportation and food for your first month in Charleston. This amount can vary greatly depending on your housing, which is why it is important to confirm housing arrangements prior to your arrival.

What information do I need to provide in order to open a bank account?

Most banks require students to provide their passports and visas, as well as a proof of residence in the United States. While ATMs are an option for international student banking, online banking cannot be accessed without a SSN.

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Contact Us

MUSC Program Coordinator

Maritza Dawkins Holnes

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