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College of Graduate Studies


At the MSCR Global sites, students are required to attend regularly scheduled classes, which will be monitored by on site student services liaisons who are appointed as MUSC adjunct faculty.  Upon entering the classroom, each student will be required to sign an attendance sheet to ensure compliance with MUSC student policies and procedures regarding class attendance.  Students will be presented with lectures captured on the Tegrity recording system, and will view those lectures together in the classroom setting. 

Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Access documents will supplement these presentations, so students should be prepared with access to the Microsoft Office suite.  Lectures for off-campus students are often accompanied with Skype videoconferencing sessions so students are able to get the live, face-to-face question and answers sessions they desire.  MUSC faculty and staff visit each global site at minimum one time per semester to meet directly with the students and address any areas of concern they may have.

All MSCR Global students must complete a total of 38 credit hours in the designated MSCR courses in order to receive a degree, which includes time spent on a research component.


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